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Lived in the worst zoo in the world, Lion Bob was rescued. Now he has food and they love him

About 2 years ago the photos of the lion Bob, who lived in the Safari Zoo, Fier in Albania went viral. And this not because he was happy and they took care of him.

The lion can be seen to be ‘severely malnourished’ as it lies in its filthy enclosure

They left him without food, it was skin and bones. Bob had a black eye and barely walked.

When the photographer revealed the conditions last year, he said: “All the animals are kept in tiny, unhygienic concrete cages with no possibility to retreat from the elements or from the prying eyes of visitors to the zoo.”


His images showed what appeared to be suffering lions languishing in desolate, dirty concrete cages surrounded by their own waste and without even the most basic provisions such as fresh water and shade.

The photographer claimed vets who have visited the macabre facility described what they were greeted with as “some of the worst animal welfare conditions they have ever seen”.

It is understood they were among around 14 lion cubs born at the zoo. The rest are thought to have died, been sold or simply been given away to friends of the owner.

Horrifying photographs of animals living in cramped concrete cages sparked a major rescue operation at the Safari park in Fier, Albania.

The ”Felida Center” announced that Bobi had a difficult life at the zoo known as “Europe’s Worst Zoo”, Safari Park Zoo Fier in Albania.
Medics inspected the lions before they were transferred to a centre for traumatised big cats in the Netherlands

The trio will now be looked after in their new home, the Felida Big Cat Centre, which specializes in taking care of big cats that were abused and neglected.

His smashed nose is a reminder of the sadness of that suffering. He was sick when we rescued him and we were very worried about his health and recovery. But thanks to the intensive care and love he receives at the Felida Big Cat Sanctuary, he became much better.

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