Leonardo Completes Delivery of NH90 Tactical Transport Helicopter to Italy

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Posted On December 8, 2022

Leonardo Completes Delivery of NH90 Tactical Transport Helicopter to Italy

The Italian Army has received all 60 NH90 tactical transport helicopters it ordered from local aerospace firm Leonardo.

According to a press release, the 60th NH90 helicopter left the company facility in Venice Tessera and was delivered to its operator during a recent handover ceremony.

Representatives from the Italian Army aviation unit, NATO helicopter management agency, and Leonardo were on hand to commemorate the milestone.

With the delivery of the final NH90 helicopter to Rome, the Italian Army confirms its status as one of the first and largest operators of the platform in the world.

“We’re extremely excited to achieve this crucial milestone with the Italian Army,” company official Carlo Gualdaroni said.

“This result is testament to the long-established effective partnership between industry and the operator to deliver the required capabilities and to support its use, thus maximizing the advantages of its outstanding performance and technologies.”

Gualdaroni vowed that Leonardo will remain committed to helping the Italian Army ensure that its helicopter fleet can accomplish missions now and in the future.

Role in Italian Army
Developed in collaboration with NHIndustries, Leonardo’s NH90 tactical transport helicopter is designed to be highly maneuverable and survivable in low-altitude operations.

It can carry up to 20 troops to perform a wide range of missions.

The aircraft can fly up to 300 kilometers (186 miles) per hour with a range of up to 982 kilometers (610 miles).

Italy’s fleet of 60 NH90 is distributed over three main Italian Army air bases to perform tactical troop transport, logistics support, special operations, and cargo resupply.

The helicopter has also supported disaster relief and emergency response operations.

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