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Puppy drags his new blanket outside and shares it with a homeless dog

Meet Lana, a rescue puppy who knows a thing or two about friendship and being generous.

Rescued from the streets of Brazil, the 8-month-old doggie has a loving owner, but clearly still remembers what it’s like to be a stray. So, when she saw a homeless dog on a chilly night, she dragged her blanket to share it with him.
She’s a rescue puppy who is keen on helping other dogs less fortunate than herself.

At 8 months old, Lana is still very much a puppy — but she knows better than most just how important it is to be kind.


The weather has been rather chilly in their region recently, so this week Schaumloeffel bought a thicker blanket to ensure Lana stayed warm and cozy in her doghouse out front.

Little did she know, however, after tucking Lana in for the night on Monday evening, that the puppy would soon forgo a little of her own comfort for the sake of a new friend.

On Tuesday morning, when Schaumloeffel’s fiancé stepped out to head to work, he discovered that Lana had dragged the blanket outside to share it with another dog who apparently lives on the streets.
“I thought, ‘How beautiful what she did for her friend,’” Suelen Schaumloeffel, the woman who adopted Lana. “My best four-legged friend reminded me of something so important: generosity!”

Schaumloeffel says she’d actually seen that other dog for the first time near their house the day before. She wasn’t sure if he was a stray, though; he’d run away when she tried to approach him to check for an ID tag. But Lana had made his acquaintance, it seems, and decided to help him.

Suelen has been leaving food and water out for the stray dog since even though he runs away anytime she approaches. But she thinks it’s what Lana would want.
“She is the nicest little dog I’ve ever met,” Schaumloeffel says. “We forget sometimes the difference we can make in someone’s life. She reminded me of this.”

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