Kongka-la: India Discovers An “active Ufo Base” In The Himalayas

Kongka La Pass – Home of Extraterrestrials?
Kongka La Pass; When did we ever been disappointed with alien stories? Irrespective of the vague evidence on the existence of aliens in the human world we never stopped researching it.

And we, somewhat have succeeded in assembling some significant proof of the existence of aliens. Having said that, have you heard of “Kongka la pass”?

I’m sure you must have, for those of you who don’t have the slightest clue why did I bring Kongka la pass out of nowhere, this article will help you find out the reason “why”?!

Kongka La pass situated in the Himalayas also named as no man’s land in Ladakh.

The southwest region of the Kongka La pass falls in Ladakh, India, whereas the northeastern part of Kongka La passes falls in China known as the Aksai Chin region.

The incident of the 1959 Kongka pass later introduced the Sino-Indian War in 1962. Though land doesn’t being patrolled by either the country’s men, both keep an eye on the area from a distance.

Apart from the Sino-Indian war, the land is famous for its UFO sightings. People from both sides, India and China, witnessed the UFOs landing in the Kongka La pass area, it is also being said to be the Base of UFOs landing on Earth and not just a little landing site.

The Kongka La passes UFO incident didn’t gain much attention until the results of the Google Earth Imagery happened, which was enough to shook the world.

The google earth map for Kongka la pass revealed that the surrounding area of Kongka pass had buildings that looked much like a military base. But, if you search on Google Maps now, you won’t get any results.

But it is highly unlikely for a company like Google, despite having all the other resources could suffer such technical fault or “glitch” for such a long time.

Involvement of the Indian Army
In 2012 there was this incident that made the vague existence of aliens more apparent by the participation of the Indian Army.

Few men amongst the Indian army saw an object that looked like a piece of cloth, drifting around the Pangong Lake, which is in the closed domain of the line of control.

They immediately brought their equipment to figure out what the object was but registered nothing.

To make the situation eerier, despite the object being visible to the naked eye, it went undetected in their systems; even the spectrum analyzer could detect nothing which led to the conclusion that the purpose was not made up of metal.

To this date, no one could assemble any facts regarding what happened or what the object was. The Indian Army tried using a drone to find out much about the unidentified object, but the drone lost its sight of the purpose as soon as it reached its altitude limit.

Another incident that happened was, when Hindu pilgrims on their way to Mount Kailash, reportedly seen objects flying in the air.

It was triangular that glows due to phosphorescence (light discharged by a substance without ignition). When the pilgrims asked the guide about the encounter, they answered that such sightings are widespread in the area.

Geographically, it is a region where the Indian tectonic plates and Eurasian tectonic plates converged strangely. One plate plunge directly under the other, making the depth of the earth’s crust thicker than that in other regions around the globe- almost double the thickness.

The geography of this region could be another factor why the extraterrestrial inhabited this particular region.

Nevertheless, now, when there is a possibility of aliens inhabiting India, it surely has awakened the curiosity in our mind and given us the reason to go aboard on a hike to the Himalayas. 😉 Source: https://mysterioustrip.com

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