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Komodo Dragon’s Deadly Mistake: Burrows Head into Turtle’s Shell

The Komodo dragon is an extremely dangerous species. Like most dangerous reptiles, they also have the ability to live on land and swim quite well. They also have venom glands, but in fact a protein can inhibit, slow down blood clotting, causing the death of the prey within a certain period of time.

That poison does not directly cause death but still causes the death of the prey. And the prey of the Komodo is very diverse, the Komodo is the king of the area where they live. So no matter what kind of animal it is, it can become food for Komodos.

Komodos also frequently come to the shores in search of food. The food is not only animals that live near the coast, but also the carcasses of other animals that drift in from the sea. This time the Komodo has harvested quite large prey, which is the carcass of a sea turtle washed ashore.

The Komodo did not hesitate to swim out to sea to pull the turtle carcass in. Sea turtles are all quite large and of course their shells are quite hard. However, the Komodo did not hesitate to eat the sea turtle. It burrowed straight into the shell to eat the remaining flesh of the sea turtle. The video has attracted more than 1.5M views on Youtube:

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