Look What Happens When King Cobra Risks His Life To Fight Monitor Lizard?

The animal kingdom is full of amazing and sometimes dangerous creatures, and two of them are the black cobra and the monitor lizard. While these animals have many differences, they share one thing in common: they are both formidable predators in their own right. Recently, a video surfaced on the internet showing what happens when a king cobra risks its life to fight a monitor lizard.

One of the most significant differences between black cobras and monitor lizards is their size. Black cobras can grow up to 7 ft long and weigh 20 lbs, while monitor lizards can measure anywhere from 8 inches to 10 ft long and weigh from 2 to 366 lbs. Additionally, black cobras move by slithering on the ground, while monitor lizards can quickly crawl along the ground.

Another significant difference between these animals is the way they kill their prey. Black cobras kill their prey with a powerful venom, while monitor lizards kill their prey with brutal, tearing bites. Black cobras can only move at speeds of about 12 mph, and they cannot maintain this speed for very long since they slither along the ground.

King Cobra Fights Monitor Lizard To The Death And What Happened Next ? |  Wild Animals

In contrast, monitor lizards have the speed advantage in terms of outright movement speed. They use their speed to run away from problems they can’t handle, have osteoderms in their skin to lessen the impact of blows, and have tough, scaly skin to prevent cuts. The king cobra, on the other hand, has interesting defenses, but they are not related to a tough body.

In the video, the king cobra and the monitor lizard are seen in a fierce battle. The cobra initially seems to have the upper hand, striking at the lizard repeatedly. However, the monitor lizard is quick and agile, using its powerful jaws to deliver a crushing bite to the snake. Despite the snake’s venom, the lizard is able to continue its attack, eventually killing the snake.

Wild King Cobra are notorious for feeding on snakes but this individual was  able to catch and kill a monitor lizard. : r/natureismetal

The video is a fascinating look at the animal kingdom and the ways in which predators interact with each other. It is also a reminder of the dangers of these creatures and the importance of respecting them in their natural habitat.

In conclusion, while black cobras and monitor lizards have many differences, they are both formidable predators in their own right. The video of a king cobra and monitor lizard battling it out shows the ferocity of the animal kingdom and the importance of respecting these creatures in their natural habitat.

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