Kind-hearted veteran flight attendant uses her money to reunite vets with their retired military K9 

Retired Service dog Taylor reunited with her best friend and former co-worker, Sergeant Tom Hanson, after two years apart. Taylor is a yellow Labrador who worked in the military her whole life.

Service dog

Her team called her Princess Taylor or Tay-Tay. Taylor completed two tours of Afghanistan during her career, and she did such a good job that even the Taliban put a bounty on her.

After service dogs retire, they are put up for retirement, and their handlers have priority in adopting them. Though relocating the dogs isn’t always easy, it can cost thousands of dollars.

Service dog and soldier

Only with the help of Molli Oliver, a former flight attendant for United Air were Taylor and Tom able to become a family. Oliver has a passion for the military, and she wants to do her part to help them.

She has been responsible for reuniting four dogs with their friends and at her own expense. Taylor rode with her in first-class and couldn’t be happier.

Service dog and soldier reunited

Meanwhile, Tom Hanson waited at the airport nervously. He said that it felt like a part of him was missing, and having Taylor back would make him whole again.

Taylor sprinted to Hanson as soon as she saw him. The two friends embraced, and Hanson dutifully thanked Oliver for her selfless act of generosity.

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