The journey to the FREEDOM of our 2 ladies Begging on the Streets of Thailand

Kai Mook (Pearl) is 40 years old and Pai Lin (Sapphire) is 45 years old, they were rescued from a trekking camp in Kanchanaburi. Both of them are Kham Pang’s  friend.

They used to work as elephant show then moved to street begging, their last job is elephant riding. With the kind support of the funds from Pra Archarn Moche of Wat Pa Rattanawan, Nakhon Ratchasima Province for helping to free Kai Mook and generous support from World Woman Work Organization for helping to free Pailin, these two beautiful ladies will live the rest of their life freely at Elephant Nature Park.


Kai Mook at a trekking camp before rescued. 


Pai Lin at a trekking camp before rescued. 


Our rescued team arrived the trekking camp in Kanchanaburi on 1st of June 2021, the team prepared two trucks to get ready for elephant’s transportation. They made the wooden frame on the truck for elephant’s safety, food and water were ready. They started the journey in the evening, with too confused and got nervous as Kai Mook never been transported on the truck for almost 40 years, she ran away many times before we could calm her down and invited her to get on the truck. We drove them for more than 20 hrs to arrive ENP.





Finally, the two ladies arrived ENP safely on 2 June 2021.

Kai Mook lifted her trunk up when the truck almost arrive the park.


To rescue elephants, the most difficult and challenging part, apart from medical TX, is to create the healing environment that each individual needs. They hold onto many memories and mental issues. To bring back their spirit and soul may take many steps or few at all, depending on the elephant. To be able to socialize freely with their own kind is the best healing.
One day after their arrival, Kai Mook has settled down quickly. She seems so relaxed, playing in the mud bath, splashing water and walking around to explore her new environment. Her mind seems wide open and looking to join a family .
For Pai Lin, the trauma she carries seems deeper. She is anxious and fearful of everything around her. She accepts her new mahout, but she is not comfortable with other elephants around her at this time. Both of them we will keep close to their shelters for now until they adjust well to their new home. Our vet team continue monitoring their well-being. In due time, we will introduce them to others in our herd. Hope they could join the herd soon.

To help us take care of elephants, please make your selection of the amount you would like to contribute to the fruit buckets to keep them healthy and happy

Kai Mook first arrived in her chain free shelter.
Kai Mook checked the ground by smelling with her trunk.
Pai Lin enjoyed watermelon and some cucumber.
Pai Lin in her chain free shelter.
Kai Mook follows her mahout.
Kai Mook finished her food.
Kai Mook’s mahout take her to the river, he invite her by food to follow him.
Kai Mook still doesn’t have confident to dip her body in the river. Her mahout try to help by splashing the water to clean her skin.
The mahout introduced Kai Mook to the mud pit but she doesn’t want to take mud bath and walk away.
Pai Lin’s eyes are empty, not show any feelings. .
Pai Lin followed her mahout to the river.
We let Pai Lin enjoy food at the river bank rather than taking river bath, she could decide what she want to do.

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