Japan prepares for an eventual extraterrestrial attack (Video)

The official said that he does not believe much in UFOs, but that he would like to know why the Pentagon published those videos and confirmed that his country is preparing protocols in the event of an eventual extraterrestrial attack.

He stated that, although he did not believe in this, the portfolio will draw up plans for any possible encounter with UFOs and “will consider the procedures to respond, record and report encounters, but the unknown nature of such objects can confuse UFO pilots.” the Self-Defense Forces, including those of the F-15 fighter jets.”

The official stressed that the pilots of the Japan Self-Defense Forces have not yet found UFOs, but that protocols are being established “to cover the possibility.”

The Government of the Asian country reported that its combat aircraft from seven bases, ranging from Hokkaido to Okinawa, are already working to identify and control the sighting of aircraft of unknown origin.

According to NHK, the minister said that he does not believe in UFOs, but would like to know why the Pentagon published those videos. After this statement, he mentioned that “although its military have not seen any alien spacecraft, the country will be prepared for an eventual invasion.”

IN 2020, the Pentagon released recordings of three unidentified flying object (UFO) sightings by its pilots, one collected in 2004 and two in 2015.

The first video, from 2004, was shared by one of the crew members who witnessed the scene in 2007; it was later published along with the other two by To The Stars Academy (TTSA) and The New York Times in December 2017 and March 2018.

Already in 2019, the US Navy recognized that the three recordings were real, but until now had not officially released them.

Finally, in the recording known as Go Fast, also from 2015, a flying object is seen that seems to be on the surface of the water and military teams are heard asking: “What the hell is that?” and “What’s that, man?”

The Black Vault website , dedicated to declassifying government documents, was the first to uncover that the US Navy considered that the sighted phenomena were considered UFOs by specialist teams.

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