I’m A Hot Mom Who Loves My Kids And Plastic Surgery — But Why Are Women Jealous ?

She’s one hot mama and she’s bringing the heat to her haters.

Self-described “sexy mom” Jen Ferguson is slamming “jealous” critics who claim she’s a bad parent simply because of her good looks and skimpy clothing.

The blond bombshell appeared on a recent episode of Truly’s “My Extraordinary Family” alongside her husband, Stephen Donnelly, 43, son, Levi, 12, and two step-sons, Lincoln and Parker.

During the episode, Ferguson spoke out about her racy wardrobe, saying: “I’m 31, but I like to dress like the young girls. I just like to feel sexy. That’s my vibe.”

“It’s fun to show a little bit of skin and a little cleavage,” the outspoken mama added. “But I have been judged… I think their [her critics] biggest problem is they think I’m a mom, I have sons, I shouldn’t be showing this, but come on. We all have a chest. We all have a body.”

Ferguson is pictured with her husband, Stephen Donnelly, 43, son, Levi (far right), and two step-sons, Lincoln and Parker.
My Extraordinary Family/Truly/YouTube

Ferguson — who is currently pregnant with her second child — says she believes her female detractors are “jealous because they don’t have the confidence I have.”

“Confidence doesn’t mean that I’m so into myself and everything,” the beauty explained. “It just means that I’m confident in who I am, and it took a lot of years to get here. People either love or hate my style, but I just roll with it.”

Son Levi also spoke during the episode, revealing that “all his friends have a huge crush” on his mom.

Ferguson believes other moms are “jealous” of her good looks and confidence.

Ferguson defiantly stated: “I’m 31, but I like to dress like the young girls. I just like to feel sexy. That’s my vibe.”

Ferguson’s son Levi admits all his friends “have a crush” on his hot mama.

“Sometimes she dresses in clothes that are like short, like very short,” Levi admitted. “But, like, honestly, like I don’t care because if she had dressed and acted differently, she’d be different than the way she is now, and I don’t want anything different than what she is now.”

But while Ferguson may be beloved by her son, her looks haven’t exactly endeared her to her in-laws.

Husband Stephen Donnelly stated: “My family has not reacted very well to my relationship with Jen. They’re very stubborn. They’re very old school. They’re very old fashioned. It is what it is.”

“You know, at the end of the day, I obviously love her. I love our family. I couldn’t ask for a better stepmom for the boys,” he added.

The mom says her good looks and skimpy clothes have no bearing on her parenting abilities.

Ferguson admits her husband is “successful,” but insists she’s not a “gold digger.”

“A lot of people say that I want Stephen for his money, and they assume that because he is 12 years older than me,” the mom stated. “He is successful, but, honestly, I love him because I love him.”

The beauty also told the program that her cosmetic procedures have helped bolster her confidence.

“‘I got my first cosmetic procedure, which was my first boob job, in 2015,” she admitted. “I love getting plastic surgery because it makes me feel more confident, and, you know, some people disagree with that.”

Ferguson is seen topping up her tan in a sizzling social media shot.

Despite her detractors, Ferguson has racked up a whopping 224,000 fans on TikTok where she shares saucy videos — and the mom has no regrets about her sexy style.

“You can’t really go wrong with having a cool mom,” she declared. “Haters motivate me. They make me want to continue to blossom into the person that I am. And if I’m confident, mind your business.”

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