There is something magical and beautiful when you observe elephants. It touches your soul and pulls at your heartstrings.

Like humans, elephants create bonds that last a lifetime; they are capable of showing emotions from love to anger. Elephants are very protective of their young: in times of a threat, the family will close ranks and the young are pushed to the middle, loud calls will be trumpeted, and ears will flap as the herd protect the most vulnerable. In this situation, a bull elephant was trying to separate the baby from its mother.

A shriek from the newborn elephant and instantly all the herd surrounded the baby, reaching out their trunks to reassure the newborn that it was safe and secure, creating a bond of love that will last forever.

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Elephant family walks in a protective formation

I fell in love with black and white photography after discovering Don McCullins’ book ‘A Retrospective’ while on a lunch break in the city of London, where I worked as a money broker during the ’80s/’90s. I then fell in love with wildlife artists Kim Donaldson’s and David Shepherd’s work; they both had a big influence on my color photography and style.

It was a wonderful moment as my wife Nicolinah and baby son Neo, 3 years, were in the car with me as I photographed the family of elephants protecting their newborn. At times they were upset when the bull was kicking the baby elephant, his shrieks and cries affected us all. They asked me to leave the sighting as they struggled to deal with the events. Fortunately, the herd rallied around the baby, allowing me to capture “Bonds of Love.” And we left feeling happier.

Bull elephant tries to separate mother and baby

I love black and white photography, all genres. But have a passion for wildlife and landscape. Creating artwork relaxes and destresses me, allows me to reconnect with nature, and nourishes my soul. In my opinion, people connect in a positive emotional way to my fine-art prints. Bringing them a moment of happiness, joy, or remembering a personal memory.

Elephant bull kicks newborn

Mothers and aunts give reassurance to the young

Moment of elephant tenderness

Mother gazes at newborn

Young sibling shows love to newborn

Elephant sibling watches newborn

Newborn takes cover between mother and aunt

Mother shows tenderness to the young

Elephant family encircle the newborn

Newborn suckles her mother

Bonds of love