Mysterious Ancient Temple Carvings: Was There a Time When Humans and Dinosaurs Lived Together?

Mainstream paleontologists say that dinosaurs went extinct 65 million years before the evolution of modern humans. This, however, has not stopped the suggestion that some dinosaurs may have survived as relict populations and have appeared in human artwork.

At a temple called Vittala in the village of Hampi, India, a carving of a mysterious animal has been found that could shock scientists, shaking up one of the main theories in the biological

As you can see, it clearly looks like a dinosaur: It has a long pointed face, and has short and stout legs.

Now, before we go any further, let’s take a step back and look at it objectively if this carving could be some other animal, like a camel. We can also find carvings of camels in the same area, which makes it very easy to compare them side by side.

On the left, you can see a man on a camel. Without a doubt this is a camel, has a rounded snout, has protruding earlobes and large eyes.

However, the carving on the right shows a pointed snout, no earlobes, and the eye is carved so small, its almost gone due to corrosion. The neck of the camel is remarkably thin, but you can see that the neck of the animal on the right is very thick, a typical feature we see in many different species of dinosaurs, like Camarasaurus for example.

Here, you can also see the pointed snout, lack of earlobes and the small eyes, remarkably similar to the carving I found. The neck in this carving clearly goes all the way down to the legs, another typical feature of a dinosaur, as opposed to the camel’s neck, which ends above the legs, proving that the carving on the right is in fact, a dinosaur.

I am not gonna bore you with other details like how the dinosaur’s legs are short and thick, while the camel’s legs are long and slender, etc.

Okay, so a dinosaur is carved in the Temple of Hampi, so what? The problem is, scientists say that Dinosaurs became extinct 65 million years ago. And historians say the Hampi temple was built just 600 years ago. How could a temple built in the last 600 years show an accurate carving of a dinosaur, which became extinct 65 million years ago?

Is it possible that Dinosaurs existed 600 years ago, so the sculptors could carve what they were looking at?

No, it is not possible, because people would have recorded these creatures on history books, and we would find these dinosaur bones easily, almost at ground level. What experts find are fossilized bones of dinosaurs, confirming that dinosaurs became extinct millions of years ago.

Since it is impossible that dinosaurs existed 600 years ago, is it possible that this temple was built millions of years ago? This sounds ridiculous because experts say human beings were not even there, millions of years ago, they evolved from apes much later, only about 1 million years ago.

So, again we have to step back and ask ourselves, Is it possible that this isolated carving was just made by a bad sculptor? Did a sculptor, who lived 600 years ago, try to carve a camel, and it ended up looking like this? However, this is not an isolated carving in a Hindu temple, we have other examples as well. This is a carving at a Hindu temple called Ta Prohm in Cambodia.

See, this clearly shows a dinosaur species called a stegosaurus. If we assume that the sculptor at Hampi made a mistake, how do we explain this figure, which does not resemble any animal that we see today?

Archeologists say that this temple in Cambodia was built just 800 years ago. If experts are right, how was a stegosaurus carved by primitive human beings 800 years ago? From both these carvings, we can absolutely confirm that these carvings do show dinosaurs.

So, again the question that needs to be asked is this: Is it possible that these Hindu temples were built millions of years ago? This is the only logical possibility. Did ancient human beings coexist with dinosaurs? We have to agree that there is something seriously wrong with our history books.

You can take a history book that is thousand pages long, and you don’t find anything about these things. Why? If historians agree that ancient human beings built these temples 65 million years ago, they would have to say that man did not evolve from apes in the last 1 million years.

They would have to agree that human beings were really sophisticated and possessed advanced technology and they were not a product of evolution, as scientists claim. So, they just abandon these carvings, so nobody can see them.

You can see this priceless carving is surrounded by weeds, and nobody is going to bother looking at it to find out what it is. The Ta Prohm temple in Cambodia is also in ruins, who knows what other spectacular information is still hiding there?

Now, how do experts know that the Temple at Hampi was built just 600 years ago? Do they have any conclusive evidence that points to these dates? To this, experts agree that they don’t have any solid evidence like radio carbon dating, and they don’t have inscriptions in this temple that points to specific dates. Archeologists have found inscriptions in a much smaller temple nearby which was built 600 years ago.

Therefore, they automatically assigned the same date to this temple which is much larger. If the same person built the two temples, why didn’t he put the inscription on this much larger, magnificent temple? So, we don’t have any solid evidence that confirms that this temple was built just 600 years ago. While arch

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