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Huge Triangular UFO in Earth orbit and signs of life on Mars what’s happening?

A series of images from the NASA archive revealed a huge stationary triangular object orbiting near Earth.

The photograph was analyzed by different researchers , confirming the presence of a triangular object in space . It appears to be gray in color and of a fairly considerable size.

Huge Triangular Object Near Earth
The images were captured in January 1986 by the Columbia Shuttle crew during the STS 61C mission . The pilot and boss was the renowned former NASA administrator, Charles Bolden.

The file of the photos was titled ” Space Debris “, created specifically to avoid suspicion. In subsequent photographs by the Columbia crew, the triangular object flying in Earth orbit is clearly visible.

For the astronaut who took the images, there was no doubt that it was an unknown spacecraft. Interestingly, this was the last mission before the Challenger tragedy , which occurred just 10 days after landing.

The object was described as “space debris”. But subsequent analysis revealed that this was not true and that it was most likely an unknown aircraft .

Mars may contain ancient alien structures
However, this triangular object could not be the only alien evidence that has slipped into the network in recent days.

A series of images taken by the HIRISE camera aboard the MRO spacecraft orbiting Mars showed strange artificially created structures and subdivisions.

They are found in Hellas PlanitIa and are about the same length and have similar straight features. They extend up to 1 kilometer away on the surface.

It is not the first time that suspicions of an inhabited Mart have arisen, or at least that it was millions of years ago. In fact, there are certain records that suggest that the red planet has been synonymous with interest for ancient cultures in the world.

This has led many experts to wonder how much we really know about Mars, or whether “something else” has been discovered that has been kept from us.

For example, we now know that Mars is not a “dead planet” as previously believed. It has even been discovered that Mars could have been a twin planet of the Earth in the remote past.

The clues discovered suggest that there was evolved life , as suggested by the rivers of liquid water discovered in recent years. Traces of giant oceans, rivers and lakes were also found.

In the same way, it was discovered that Mars, in the past, had a dense atmosphere that covered the planet and, possibly, breathable by humans .

To learn more about these topics, you can watch the video of Snakedos that we leave you below:

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