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Huge Entrance Leading inside The Moon

On December 21, 1968, NASA’s Apollo 8 mission took flight towards Earth’s natural satellite – the Moon. The event marked a historic moment for humanity, as it carried the first humans out of Earth’s orbit, and into the Moon’s. The mission, led by Commander Frank Borman, Command Module pilot James Lovell, and Lunar Module Pilot William Anders, became the first human mission to see and also photograph the far side of the Moon.

A total of 2908 pictures were taken using a 70 mm camera installed on the Lunar Orbiter, and surprisingly or not, several anomalies came into picture. After they orbited the Moon ten times over the course of 20 hours, the crew took a final shot of the dark side of the ‘natural satellite’ that we never get to see. In it, a massive triangular structure was clearly visible on the surface, and after the images were made public by NASA, a heated debate has taken over the UFO community.

The assumptions of what the peculiar anomaly on the lunar surface is, are extremely varied. The Image in itself is full of mystery and controversy because the appearance doesn’t fit into any rational explanation or criteria, and besides, it covers a substantial area of the Moon. So what can this mysterious sighting be? Could it be just a camera glitch, or is it rather the real reason why the Apollo 8 crew stopped taking any other shots, thus ending the mission without revealing anymore insight of what was really happening there?

I will not go into calling this remarkable appearance a mothership or UFO because it clearly resembles some kind of structure. Some UFO analysts consider it to be a three dimensional object found on the surface because it allegedly leaves a slight shadow over the area, and that would only lead us to an alien spacecraft assumption, which I don’t really think to be the case.

Although a presumed fleet of UFOs has recently been detected near the far side of the Moon, the chances for such a massive craft to pop-up during the Apollo 8 mission are unlikely, because aliens wouldn’t just disclose their presence in such an obvious manner. Instead, the photo could reveal an actual entrance leading inside the Moon, proving that our ‘natural satellite’ isn’t so natural after all.

In recent years, UFO hunters have gained lots of skills because of the advanced tools they now have at their disposal. Mr. Crow of YouTube, together with other vigilant watchers, have filmed a bizarre phenomenon which they called ‘the lunar wave.’ According to their research, the Moon could be nothing more but a holographic projection that’s hiding the ‘main stage’ where extraterrestrials (or the military) are operating undisturbed. I know this cannot explain things such as the tidal movement, but the lunar wave surprised by numerous UFO hunters is sure to raise many of questions.

Another plausible explanation refers to the anomalous ‘structure’ as a ‘moon door,’ or a passage leading inside the inner depths of the moon. You are probably familiar with the ‘Hollow Earth’ notion, but what if the Moon is hollow as well?

Scott Waring from ufosightingsdaily has an interesting point of view on this, which he expressed on his blog:

“This is what happens when you get too close to Earth’s moon. This is a giant opening into our moon. On far left side of it you see a wall that rises several miles. What happened here is that the camera was so close to the moon that the holographic cloak now had glitches,” Waring wrote.

“What I mean is that cameras usually take photos according to its shutter speed. This speed can be charged, but todays cameras can take speed up to 1/1000 sec. Other photos show it gone. So this glitch in their cloak was so fast that the human eye could not even notice it, but technology did, and it recorded it too,” he added.

“So this Apollo 8 camera probably had a speed of only 1/200 sec or so, but that was enough to record the glitch in our moon. It’s there, we can see from the detail that this is not a mistake, but it’s really built into the moon’s surface. This is excellent proof that the moon is an artificial structure,” Waring concluded.

Although he doesn’t make any direct reference to the lunar wave, he highlights another possibility of the Moon being an artificial structure. There is proof of NASA bombing the far side of the moon in 2009, and the Chinese government also revealed controversial photos of structures found on the lunar surface that strongly resemble mining facilities. It’s unclear what exactly they have found there, but there is an undeniable interest in the Moon.

Until the final hour of disclosure arrives, make sure to keep an eye open for all the leaked and declassified information on the internet. After all, it may answer your questions sooner than the government will.

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