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‘Mean’ Horse That Was Abused Bids Farewell To Best Friend Who Never Gave Up On Him

The man turned the horse’s life around…and the horse needed to give a proper goodbye. 💔 There are many sad stories that we can find online. And it’s sad to think that many of them had happened in real life. All of them are truly heartbreaking.

Whether you like it or not, there’s a big chance that you would get affected by them. Even when the ones that are involved in the story are not humans. Even those circumstances that involved animals are equally painful.

The story of this horse is one of them.

It has an awful past that made it belligerent. His former owners used violence as a technique to “break horses”. It “involved beatings and tying his head tightly between two posts where they left him standing without food or water for 4 weeks”.

The horrible treatment that the horse received was the reason why he became aggressive and did not trust anyone. But everything changed when he met an amazing man Max, who was also the one who changed his life.

That man bought him even though he was aggressive. He also didn’t hesitate to bring that horse home.

According to Janna Grapperhaus, her dad was the one who bought the horse. She also revealed that her mom was totally against the idea of keeping Major as it could be dangerous for her husband.

“I’ll never forget the day my mom called me in a panic ‘Janna, you’ve got to convince your daddy to get rid of that horse, it’s gonna kill him.”

That’s also the reason why the horse was named Major as her mom c onsidered her as a “Major Deal”. Although Major was not in a good state, Max did not give up on him. He dealt with his hostile behavior even it was unsafe for him. It was even a disaster when he brought him home.

“When dad brought him home, he barreled through five strands of fence within minutes of arriving and he’d bite and strike at anyone within distance.”

If this happened to other people, there’s a big chance that they would give up on Major but Max didn’t. Max did all his best just to gain his trust.

It was nice that Max was victorious with his mission and that was to make Major feel loved.
His hard work helped Major a lot and even made him a sweet horse. After 2 years, Major completely trusted him and let him ride on him.

“My dad never broke him…. he earned his heart. Every single day, for hours and hours dad, worked to earn that abused horse’s trust.”

The horse that was aggressive and violent also learned to kiss his human friend on the head. And he loved doing it.

As Max regularly spent time with Major, it really improved the horse a lot. It’s probably because horses are “highly social animals”.

Sadly, Max is no longer physically present in Major’s life as he passed away in October 2020. The person who never gave up on him is gone. And it’s too painful to imagine.

Max’s family made sure that Major would be able to give him his last kiss. It was also the last chance for him to say goodbye to his best friend.

“It seemed only fitting to let Major say goodbye. This is Major’s last kiss.”


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