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Homeless Dog With Disfigured Face Recovers Thanks To Love

Some dogs in the world do not have access to a bed, a tasty meal, or a caring family. For whatever reason, many people wind up on the streets, walking aimlessly, seeking for food and attempting to make ends meet.

Some are fortunate enough to be saved and transferred to non-killing shelters, where they are given the care they require and eventually find a home.

Puppies who are attractive, hairy, or have a unique attribute are more likely to be adopted, but all puppies deserve a shot at life.

Phoenix, a rescue dog with a unique facial feature, is one of these puppies.

The dog was discovered on the streets of Collinsville, Oklahoma, looking for food, according to Skiatook Paws & Claws Animal Rescue. Phoenix was apparently formerly in the care of someone, but that person failed him and abandoned him to his destiny.


The dog was brought to Family Animal Medicine in Owasso, Oklahoma, where he was treated.

Phoenix’s health was swiftly assessed by the group, which provided an update on the dog’s condition.

Family Animal Medicine in Owasso, Oklahoma, reported the following:

“We’re looking at all probable causes of Phoenix’s ailment and running lab testing to figure out what’s wrong with his skin.” To improve the condition of his skin and give comfort, he bathes often and takes medicine.”


Phoenix appears to have been subjected to a series of abuses at first look, but the vets dismiss this theory since they feel his state is related to disease.

They explained:

“They sent us proof from a former Good Samaritan who had images of Phoenix’s face degeneration over time. It’s conceivable that her deformity is due to a medical condition. It’s critical that we don’t instantly presume bad intentions.”


“Animals without homes and adequate care, without shelter, food, and water face several challenges, especially if they have a medical condition.”

According to the most current update on the Phoenix issue, he was transported to Kansas to consult with two dermatologists.

Dr. Karen Trainor and Dr. David Senter, both of Kansas, are extremely qualified skin disease veterinarians.


When Phoenix was rescued, the FAM group obtained skin biopsies and sent them to Dr. Trainor, a veterinary pathologist, who was already familiar with his issue.

Phoenix was subsequently transferred to the Overland Park, Kansas-based Veterinary Dermatology and Allergy Clinic, where he met Dr. David Senter.


Phoenix is gradually improving thanks to the expertise of these two professionals and the efforts of the FAM vets.

He’s gained weight, his skin is mending, he’s running, barking, and playing about the shelter, and he even sleeps on his own dog sofa.

His lovely, bashful grin will remain, but his head muscles will not return. Phoenix’s skin may swell from the sun, but her soul is strong.

After eliminating out all other possibilities, the dog was diagnosed with a rare autoimmune condition called systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE).

Phoenix’s body assaults itself because he has an autoimmune illness, making therapy extremely difficult.

However, owing to the affection of everyone engaged in his recuperation, the condition has been effectively controlled.


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