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Hawk is completely confused and can’t understand why this duck isn’t afraid of him (video)

In the animal kingdom, all creatures aren’t considered equals. Some animals are prey, and some animals consider themselves to be apex predators. One of those is a hawk – their fierce, powerful and menacing, so it’s not hard to understand why most animals would be afraid of these winged warriors.

This handsome hawk never imagined his role as apex predator could ever be questioned — carrying on in confidence that his supremacy would always go unrivaled.

But then he met his match.

One day, while out and about in search of a meal, the hawk spotted something he couldn’t resist. There, resting in a patch of grass, was literally a sitting duck, seemingly oblivious to the hungry hawk’s approach.

What the hawk didn’t realize, of course, was that the duck was actually just a decoy figurine. And it wouldn’t be so easily intimidating.

This hawk’s attitude toward the sitting duck keeps getting funnier by the moment.

This hawk isn’t used to animals not being scared of him, and he clearly doesn’t like the idea of it. He even tries his best to look even angrier and scarier.
Right away, we can see the majestic bird pacing around from left to right, even trying to attack the duck on numerous occasions. Those sharp talons were definitely used a lot – but with no response from the duck at all.

For several tense minutes, the perplexed hawk tried in vain to conquer the mysteriously unflappable “duck.” He seemed to pause every few moments to look around as if sure he was being pranked.

In the end, the hawk wisely decided to forfeit the challenge. The duck decoy had won the day — a fact, no doubt, the hawk would much prefer to forget.

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