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Golden Retrieve Missing For Days Was Found Alive In Drain Pipe ‘Deep Underground’ By New York Troopers

A New York state trooper proved this week that sometimes you have to crawl underground to go above and beyond the call of duty.

A New York state man worried he would never see his dog, a 13-year-old golden retriever named Leela, when he went missing last week.
Rudy Führer really wondered whether, because of her age, she intentionally went to die, He told The Times-Union, He searched for his beloved pet for two days, and on Sunday as he was walking down the street, he did not hear his dog’s voice.
“He screamed,” she told the Albany newspaper. “I said, ‘Oh my god, that’s Leela.’”

It was discovered that the elderly dog ​​was “deep underground” inside a drainage culvert pipe, According to a Facebook post From the New York State Troopers, called by the Führer because he was unable to tempt Leila with snacks.

Although Fuehrer tried to coax Lilah out of the pipe with cheese and peanut butter treats, his attempts were unsuccessful, the AP reported. That’s when he called 911 for help.

Troopers Jimmy Rasaphone and Ana Reynas answer the call and plan to rescue Lila. The Facebook post states that Rasaphone “tie a rope to Leela’s leash and vanished into a dark pipe.”

He crawled about 15 feet into the pipe leading down the road, before turning to the dog. Then he was able to slip a collar over her and take it out.

According to the Times-Union, both Rasafon and Leela were drenched when the exams were over. The Führer said he was “dumb” by the “compassion” he had received for his pet.

He too told the Associated Press That the next time he went out with Leela, he made sure to keep her on a leash because he “wasn’t going to part anymore.”

Incidentally, another dog in another state also made headlines this week after it got stuck inside a drain pipe. Tupelo, a bulldog in Estherville, Iowa, didn’t return after needing to go outside, and his owner heard him cry for help from inside a drain pipe in a hole near their house, Sioux City, Iowa, reported by news station KTIV,

Like Leila, Tupelo was relieved of her plight by first responders and hopes to avoid the drain pipe in the future.

Police went on to thank Rasaphone and Reyes in the now-viral posts, which had raked in nearly 13,000 reactions on Facebook and 400 likes on Twitter by early Wednesday.

“Troopers, thank you for going above and beyond and showing compassion to help get this pup back home to her owner,” the Facebook post read.

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