The Gigantic Hominid Specimen that Measures an Incredible 5.3 Meters Tall was Discovered in Australia

The gigantic hominid specimen that measures an incredible 5.3 meter tall (17 foot and 4 inches) was discovered near the ancient ruins of the only megalithic civilization ever discovered in Australia, which makes the discovery twice as puzzling admits professor Hans Zimmer of the University of Adelaide.

“The discovery of the Uluru archeological site last year already took us by surprise, but this new find is just jaw dropping” he admits, visibly dumbfounded. “Theoretically, a five meter-tall hominid cannot exist. How did this occur? How is this possible. Although this discovery is fascinating, we are left with more questions than answers” he concedes.

The discovery of a 5-meter tall human skeleton near Ayers rock is the largest skeleton ever found and leaves scientists with “more questions than answers” concedes Hans Zimmer, professor of Archeology at the University of Adelaide

Some experts have hypothesized that the specimen might have suffered from an extreme case of gigantism, a condition caused by the over-production of growth hormones, a theory professor Hans Zimmer dismisses as “pure speculation”.

“Only further research can help us uncover the truth behind this anomaly of nature. Until we have found more skeletal remains, we specimen” he firmly believes.

The Uluru archeological site, unearthed in 2014 by a team of researchers from the Australian National University, led to the discovery of a previously unknown megalithic civilization that could help solve the mystery of the estranged discovery.

“We have unearthed last February a megalithic block that is estimated to weight an approximate 80 tons. The basalt qualities of the monolith are found only 200 km away. How did they move this huge block hundreds of kilometers into the desert, what technologies did this civilization use? We cannot properly answer these questions at the present moment” admits John Thomas Buckler, head archeologist during the 2015 excavation.

Some specialists believe a major catastrophe is the cause of the destruction of the Uluru civilization, turning the whole region from a rich fertile land into a sterile desert at the time

“Ferrous deposits are found all over the Australian desert, which possibly proves some sort of meteorite impact in the region” explains Sydney-based researcher, Allan DeGroot. “The analysis of geological deposits confirm a large impact in the region between 3,500 and 2,500 years ago” admits the leading expert. “The catastrophic destruction revealed by traces of vitrification and high levels of radiation at the ruins of the Uluru archeological site clearly lead us to believe both events are intimately linked together” he concludes.

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