Fascinɑting giɑnt frog, size of a hυmɑn, chɑrms heɑrts and gɑins fɑvor ɑmong the ɑffluent – Icestech

Fascinɑting giɑnt frog, size of a hυmɑn, chɑrms heɑrts and gɑins fɑvor ɑmong the ɑffluent

Frogs are animals that are loved by many Vietnamese, but surprisingly in Africa, they are very large, even as big as a child.

African cuisine always makes people surprised, even somewhat terrified. In particular, there are some animals in our country that are normal in size, but in Africa they are many times larger, most notably frogs. This frog, called Goliath, can live both in water and on land.

Usually, they live most concentrated in the sub-equatorial region of West Africa, a place famous for its hot and humid weather all year round and there are many tropical forests for them to hide.

The frogs here make people dizzy when straightening their legs, they can be up to 1 meter long, weighing up to 7kg. Goliath frogs mainly live in natural environments and cannot be artificial, so when human needs increase, the number of frogs is not enough to meet them, making them increasingly depleted.

It is known that the meat of this frog has a very special taste, it is white, the sweetness is very delicious, so many people are willing to pay a very high price to be able to enjoy it. Currently, it is not easy to buy Goliath frog meat, the rich who want to eat it have to order months in advance.

Frog – a small amphibian from the same family as the toad is curious about its properties and biology. Especially for children, the image of mischievous frogs always appears to wake up the beautiful dreams of the fairy age.

Frog English name is Frog

Classification of frogs and their food.
An amphibian species with more than 362 species, 61 genera living and distributed across all continents. Each species has a size as well as some characteristics due to differences in habitat.

The smallest frog species is Rana sylvatica, the largest species is Conraua goliath. It is known that frogs have the largest distribution in the frog family.

So do you know what frogs eat to grow – worms and small insects.

Biological characteristics of frogs.
Most frogs live both in the water and on the can. When in the water they can swim because of the swimming membranes on their feet and when on land they move by jumping with a distance of up to 1m.

Frogs have lungs, but their lungs work very poorly, so respiration is mainly thanks to the outer skin containing many oily sacs. When this skin is dry they will not be able to breathe and then the frog will die.

As for the field frogs, in the dry season they have to live in small burrows to avoid the sun and in the dry season they come out to start spawning.

The frog’s eyes are quite poor, so they only catch sardines with striking colors, they use their long tongue to catch their prey. Although the eyes are poorly functioning, they have a sharp nose with the ability to smell very quickly.

Frogs can make their skin color change arbitrarily to suit the new habitat like other species such as snakes, geckos, etc. Skin color changes all the time if they want because this is a way to avoid predators and also a way to catch prey.

Reproductive behavior and development of frogs.
Frogs start spawning around May-August every year. At the beginning of the rainy season frogs begin to find mates and they pair up to mate by external fertilization. The female lays the eggs and the male pours the sperm over the eggs and the mucus that the male secretes helps the eggs fuse together.

Each year female frogs can lay 2-3 litters with quite a few eggs. Eggs after a while will hatch into tadpoles and tadpoles are the first life cycle of frogs.

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