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The ISS Captures A Giant Alien ‘UFO Mothership’ Hidden In The Clouds

Experts have been warning us for some time: we should reconsider the search for life on other worlds. It would be the greatest discovery in history, but that does not mean that we can control it biologically, epidemiologically, and most importantly, emotionally.

We are currently in a global panic over what is, in some respects, a strange way of life: the SARS-CoV-2 virus , which causes the disease known as COVID-19 .

At the time of writing, there are over two and a half million confirmed cases worldwide, in 68 countries, leading to more than 174,000 deaths. Flights have been canceled, international trade agreements canceled, the Tokyo Olympics will be held in 2021, and we will experience the greatest recession since the Great Depression of 1929.

Humanity as a whole is suffering from the effects of the pandemic.And last but not least, the countries point to each other, especially to China because they are to blame for the spread.

We are told that COVID-19 is a completely terrestrial virus, whether natural or artificial, but there is another possibility: that it is a weapon of extraterrestrial origin and prelude to a silent invasion. And for those who think that it is a theory without foundation, there is evidence that would show that it is already happening.

Huge alien ship

An amazing image from the International Space Station (ISS) shows a huge cloud with a strange shape on Earth , which many have compared to the iconic Millennium Falcon from Star Wars.

According to the Daily Star, a woman named Annie, who was watching a live broadcast of the ISS, saw something that caught her eye. In the image, clouds in question appear to form a perfect circle over the west coast of Africa. The images were shared by the popular YouTube channel MrMBB333, which specializes in science and space.

In the image, a cloud seems to be a perfect circle with a raised section in the middle.

It bears a similarity to the Millennium Falcon, something YouTube conspiracy theorist MrMBB333 noted after sharing the video to his channel.

“Off the West coast of Africa, we’ve got a large, what looks like, a Millennium Falcon,” he said.

“The outline of that cloud is not random, the rest of the clouds around it look random but that looks like a version of the Millennium Falcon.

The video has gone viral on social media since it was posted on YouTube on April 17. And there were many who wanted to comment on the anomaly. Some highlighted the fact that the shape was eerily similar to the Millennium Falcon and even the Independence Day mothership .

This led conspiracy theorists to suggest that the images are new evidence that the coronavirus pandemic is the prelude to an impending extraterrestrial invasion.

Alien invasion?

These images would be new evidence of the presence of alien spacecraft on our planet. Remember that at the beginning of the month we published a video that showed hundreds of lights in formation approaching Earth .

We thought they were satellites or meteorites, but after a few minutes they disappeared as if they had never existed. To this we must add how in recent weeks strange blue lights have been recorded and photographed in the skies around the world.

For example, in Madrid, Spain, several people saw clouds at night that turned blue over buildings. The mysterious light stayed in the clouds for more than seven minutes, then disappeared. And even on a beach in Barcelona, ​​Spain, a strange blue light in the sky during a lightning storm transformed into what appeared to be a giant UFO.

These are just some evidences that we are facing an imminent alien invasion . And science also warned us that this scenario could happen. Physicist Stephen Hawking has repeatedly said that an encounter between civilizations could have catastrophic consequences for humans.

The physicist predicted that something similar could happen to what happened when Europeans arrived in America in the 15th century : they destroyed and massacred indigenous populations.

And if these extraterrestrial civilizations are able to travel to Earth, it means that they are more advanced than humans and have developed technologies unknown to us. Now, we will have to know what they want from us, annihilate us, enslave us, or feed on us.

What do you think about the image of the International Space Station? Alien ship? Or do you have another explanation?


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