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German Shepherd Family Refuses To Leave Dumpsters Where They Last Saw Their Humans

Recently, Saving Grace Animal Rescue (SGAR) director Lisa Reams heard that two German shepherds had been abandoned at a public dump site in the Yazoo, Mississippi area. Without a second thought, she immediately drove over to see if she could help.

But when she arrived, a surprise greeted her. Not only were there two adults, but two puppies also in need.

She coaxed the two friendly pack leaders into her car in hopes of getting them to safety.

“They both just went right into her car,” Jennifer Brooks, president of SGAR’s sister shelter in New York, NYC Second Rescue, told The Dodo. “And then she was able to get the puppies.”

With the entire family of shepherds loaded into her car, Reams drove straight to the vet clinic where both adults — named Luke and Jenny — had positive heartworm tests, which are entirely treatable.

Luckily their puppies, Phoenix and Miles, received negative results, and all four pups have been cleared for foster care.

But finding a foster home has gotten increasingly difficult. So the entire family is now slated to head up to NYC Second Chance Rescue, where there are more fosters available.

As of right now, all four dogs are still available for foster or adoption. Shelter staff members aren’t sure if any will be fostered together, but they’re grateful that the family stayed together at the dump site long enough to get a second chance at life.

“They’re safe now,” Brookes said. “And they’ll never be put out like that again.”

To help pups like this family of german shepherds get the care they need, make a donation to NYC Second Chance Rescue and/or Saving Grace Animal Rescue.

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