Forget Water on the Red Planet: A Strange Fossilized Dinosaur Was Found on Mars (VIDEO)

As NASA made its historic announcement of finding signs of water on the surface of Mars. they have found proof of ancient rivers on the surface of the Red Planet. Alien hunters celebrated their own discovery amid claims these pictures shows a fossilised dinosaur in rocks on the Red Planet.

But, did you know that this is not the only discovery of its kind off Mars? If you thought that was incredible take a look at the following pictures that were taken of what appears to be a fossilized dinosaur on the Red Planet.

Pictures placed online, which were originally showed a strange rock formation that UFO researchers claim could be the fossilised bones of a long-dead Martian pre-historic beast.

These pictures, similarly to the river pictures that NASA confirmed, were taken by the Curiosity Rover. And as you can see, showcase the fossilized remains of this prehistoric creature.

The discovery was reported by Paranormal Crucible. As they claimed that the fossils are somewhere around the Gale Crater and how significant discovery this all really is.

In a video, the channel said: “This appears to show the of remains of a possibly prehistoric monster.

“If we look closer we can see a large skull with a defined small bone, we can also see a large eye socket and a large curved spine.

Many believe that instead of it being a dinosaur it could essentially be a remnant of an ancient huge Komodo Dragon lizard similar to the ones on Earth.

We’ve already uncovered plenty of proof of lizards on the Red Planet in other articles. But this could in itself showcase the fact that the creatures shrunk down with time. As in ancient times they were massive, akin to the dinosaurs on Earth.

Could this mean that the lizards on Earth and the dinosaurs themselves originated from Mars? Could they have been transported to Earth or vice versa in ancient times?

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