Former US Defense Officer Stated That ‘UFOs Exist And It Should Be Very Worrying” (VIDEO) – Icestech

Former US Defense Officer Stated That ‘UFOs Exist And It Should Be Very Worrying” (VIDEO)

Christopher Mellon recently delivered a disturbing new statement in which he said that the Navy is aware of UFOs and has been engaging with them for a long time.

He’s been a part of several sightings after becoming the Assistant Secretary of Defense for Intelligence, but for the most part, he had to deal with all of the reports from the Navy officers who reported the sightings from 2014 to 2015.

According to one testimony, the UFOs traveled at hypersonic speeds, beyond the existing technological capabilities of our society.

According to another story, their technology is so advanced that they can easily go at 5,000 miles per hour, easily overtaking our quickest airliner.

One of the UFOs he’s seen with his own eyes was a sphere surrounding a cube, which he claims contrasted with a Super Hornet pilot’s description of it as a sphere enclosing a cube.

During an appearance with Fox & Friends in the United States, he went so far as to say that the governments of the world are aware of UFOs but have chosen not to investigate them further in order to avoid a public panic wave.

These UFOs appear to be piloted from afar, as they don’t appear to have any passengers. is one of the most popular websites with the latest breaking news and articles on UFOs/UAPs and all the unexplained and paranormal.



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