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Former NASA worker: “I’ve seen humans on Mars”

There are so many anomalies of our neighbor in the Solar System that it seems like a book conspiracy to silence that on Mars, there was and there is life … and, maybe more intelligent than Earth.(humans on Mars)

It may be difficult for some to believe that such capabilities have been used by the intelligence services, but there are several declassified documents that show that this has happened.

A short time ago a former NASA employee claimed to have seen human figures dressed in a class of space suits walking normally on the surface of Mars.

While working at NASA, at the end of the 70s, she and some of her colleagues claim to have observed a lot of silhouettes of people on the surface of Mars, while monitoring the Viking mission.(humans on Mars)

To protect her identity, the former worker referred to herself as ‘Jackie’, who revealed an incredible story talking to a former CIA pilot, ufologist, and also known as a popular conspirator, called John Lear.

Jackie spoke of humans on the red planet in an interview with the famous American radio program ‘Coast-to-Coast AM’ . Jackie says that NASA was responsible for hiding the truth about humans on Mars.

That the future missions to the Red Planet are a facade for what they have been doing for decades, since the American space agency has in its power the alien technology that allows them to carry out these clandestine missions for many years. In that interview, the former worker said the following:

“That old Viking rover was moving … then I saw what looked like two people in a kind of space suit … they were not the heavy suits that are normally worn, but they looked like a kind of protector. They came for the horizon walking towards the Viking rover “.

“When we realized the strange anomaly, my colleagues and I ran up the stairs, but they closed the door with insurance and posted a notice on the door where they said we could not pass so we could not see anything.”

On the other hand, John Lear, says that NASA was on Mars in the 60’s. He also states that “space suits are not necessary, since humans can adapt to breathe in the low oxygen atmosphere of the red planet . “

In addition, some researchers are convinced that the United States and other world powers travel in space. These nations that have space fleets, have created a kind of holographic shield around the Moon to not allow anyone to see what is hidden in space ..

Will we know the truth of all this someday? Will we find a fault in the system that lets us see the great anomaly that Jacki could witness along with colleagues in the nasa space agency? Watch the following video and leave us your comment below.

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