Footage that appears to show glowing orange UFOs ‘flying in formation’ in Baltimore spark deluge of identical sightings over major US city – Icestech

Footage that appears to show glowing orange UFOs ‘flying in formation’ in Baltimore spark deluge of identical sightings over major US city

Footage that appears to show glowing orange UFOs ‘flying in formation’ has sparked a wave of identical sightings in major cities across America.

Symkai Scott, from Baltimore, Maryland, spotted the lights floating in the air when returning home.

A series of bright lights were spotted floating in Baltimore, sparking a deluge of alleged sightings – Credit: Pen News/Symkai Scott

Social media users suggested the lights may have been UFOs or lanterns – Credit: Pen News/Symkai Scott

He said there were six or seven lights that were distinctively orange and round.

Footage shows the lights hovering above the streetlights in a uniform formation.

In the video, Scott asked people around him: “Y’all got any idea what those were? There was a bunch of them.”

He then posted the footage online and social media users recalled “identical sightings” in Washington DC, Las Vegas, St Louis, and Detroit.

One user from West Virginia commented: “I had half a bottle of wine in me and thought I was imagining it. I’m glad someone was sharing my hallucination.”

Another in northern California said: “I saw about 30 of these traveling slowly in a single-file line, then vanishing within a couple of seconds. “That orange glow is so distinctive.”

Some users suggested that the lights may be police helicopters, drones, or even lanterns.

Scott said: “If they were lanterns, they were awfully coordinated to keep steady in that type of formation.”

He admitted that he is a “believer” that extraterrestrial life may exist in space.

Alleged UFO sightings are not uncommon across America.

An unusual white cylinder-shaped orb was spotted on the same day that “high-speed” objects were caught hovering near NASA’s International Space Station.

YouTube user MrMBB333 uploaded the two sightings in a clip titled “Ok, something is CLEARLY roaming the skies of this planet!”, which showed the incidents occurring side-by-side.

The UFO-toting commentator pointed to “high-speed objects moving through the field of view from the International Space Station” during the day and night.

He claimed two people in Greensboro, North Carolina had sent in “great photos” of an object moving in the sky.


Last month, a series of bright lights were seen flickering in “random flight patterns” in Tennessee, sparking another wave of alien-inspired conspiracy theories.

The clip uploaded to Reddit left users scratching their heads as they debated what the lights could be.

Many wondered if a UFO had been spotted in Nashville while others were convinced that it was bats or birds.

And, a TikTok conspiracy theorist wildly claimed he found an “underwater alien base” after seeing a “body” washed up on a beach.

Imaginative vlogger Brian Daniel told his 1.3 million followers that he saw an “extraterrestrial” being dealt with by government officials.

The UFO debate was previously restricted to the fringes of American politics but it has grown in importance after the Pentagon published a report investigating unidentified aerial phenomena.

Some lawmakers are concerned that UAPs pose a genuine security risk to the US.

The intelligence community examined more than 140 alleged sightings but could only identify one with confidence as the findings of the UFO dossier were published.

The report said the unexplained aerial sightings could be secret aircraft from China or Russia – or a “non-government” terror group.

But, it crucially did not rule out an extraterrestrial, or perhaps even extradimensional, origin for the encounters.

The report marked a turning point after US military and intelligence officials spent decades debunking and discrediting alleged sightings.

Strange objects were spotted flying near the ISS – Credit: YouTube

UFOs were once a fringe conspiracy issue in American politics – Credit: Alamy

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