Rescυed Stɾeet Puρρy Is Unrecognizable Now. She transforms into the fluffiest dog

Thank you to Răzvan Arseni for calling us to say he’d found this little puppy, struggling on the street in the middle o£ the city, She struggles to walk, is skinny and her skin is so painfully sore.

Now our little girl Poppy, ís getting all the help she needs at the vet’s! Her tests are negative but she has received trauma to her back end and has very sore skin most probably due to Demodex. She has received a haircut and a medicated bath to begin her treatment.

For now, she is too stressed to eat, she ate a little but even refused cooked chicken.
She will go on TV as she’s so dehydrated. She also requires calcium as she has a deñciency. Amazingly her teeth tell us that she’s approx 4 months old.

Day 3: She looks better doesn’t she? Our little warrior Poppy! IEs are amazing when. you re not alone in how much stronger you feel. It also helps when you have a the wonderful vet at your side.

Perfect Poppy! She stole all of our hearts and with the love and support you sent her over, the miles she healed and began to believe in a better forever.

Her happiness ever after will be with the wonderful] Michele Talbot who is so excited to be welcoming her into their family. How happy she is now.

Special Thanks To Rescuer ❤️❤️❤️
Thanks to the Channel : Paws Show
Watch the video below for the full story !!!!

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