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Pink Flamingo Remembers Her Savior And Returns For Snuggles

Elly Albers used to work at the Bonaire Wild Birds Rehab, where they cared for various wild birds. Her first Flamingo was Baby.
Unfortunately, the bird’s parents had abandoned Baby three years ago, and since then, she has stayed with Elly.

Pink Flamingo
Pink Flamingo

Elly called out to Baby every morning and wished her good morning. Gradually, Baby started to respond to her name and listened to Elly. After that, Baby followed Elly wherever she went and slept with her human. Soon she was ready to fly, and with a group of Flamingos, she flew away one day.

Baby disappeared for a long time, and Elly got a bit emotional. Elly had been helping animals her whole life. Since nobody used to take care of birds in Bonaire, Elly made it a point to look after them. She got a few kennels and gained experience in caring for different birds.


Soon a lot of Flamingos started visiting the island. Elly took around 500 birds in three months. Gradually, the people around came to know about the rehab. Soon they began to bring in every other bird to the recovery. Since Elly used to stay next door, she prepared breakfast for the birds around 6:30am.

All the Flamingos that Elly had rescued would visit her now and then. They would gather in the morning at the mangroves across the road. Once the group was complete, they would walk across the street and enter the rehab for food.

One day, a Flamingo with bright pink legs decided to cuddle with Elly instead of staying with her group.

This made Elly wonder aloud if the bird was like Baby. Hearing her name, the Flamingo ran up to Elly. She hugged the bird while the Flaming cuddled with Elly.


According to Elly, all the Flamingos have a character, and they remember you. Soon Baby was 4 years old and raised her own kids. Elly was happy that Baby was in the wild and her natural habitat.


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