First Flying Felon Su-57 Stealth Fighter in Ukraine, Becoming a Sign Russia is Getting Serious?

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Posted On October 31, 2022

First Flying Felon Su-57 Stealth Fighter in Ukraine, Becoming a Sign Russia is Getting Serious?

Russia is one of three countries capable of building a stealth fighter jet. The term stealth is indeed closely related to fifth-generation fighter jets. Called stealth because of its camouflage ability “invisible” from radar detection. This capability is indeed loaded on modern fighter jets and even the future.

In addition to stealth features, there are many more advanced technologies in this modern fighter jet. For now, only these three countries are capable of building a stealth fighter jet. America with the F-22 Raptor and F-35 Lightning II, China with the J-20 Mighty Dragon, and Russia with the Su-57 Felon. The capability of the Su-57 Felon is even above the Su-35.

As an illustration, the Su-35 is a 4.5 generation heavyweight fighter jet. Fighter jets such as the Su-35 are considered a competitor to the US Boeing F-15 Eagle. The Su-57 stealth can track 60 targets at once, as it is equipped with six radars.

In comparison, the Su-35 uses only three radars. And Ukraine uses only one radar in each of its fighter jets. The radar used by the Su-57 is also not kidding. Namely the super-sophisticated Active electronically scanned array (AESA) radar.

This kind of AESA radar is indeed commonplace to be placed on modern combat platforms. But interestingly, it is only now confirmed that Felon Russia took a role in the Ukraine wᴀʀ. Because since the wᴀʀ broke out last February, this Russian stealth has never shown its nose.

Although there are rumors from the Eurasian Times that Felon appeared in the skies of Ukraine at the end of May. But the news has not yet been confirmed. There are several reasons why Russia does not use this advanced fighter jet. There are at least two answers from Military Watch Magazine.

The first time the technology in this fighter jet is classified as too sophisticated. Then what’s the problem, basically, the Su-57 needs a commensurate enemy. This Russian stealth fighter jet is designed to be ready to fight in large-scale wᴀʀs. As mentioned above, only three countries are capable of building a stealth fighter jet. And these countries often use it for propaganda or political gain.

What’s more, the concern if the technology on the fighter jet is taken by the enemy. There is no 100 percent guarantee that this stealth fighter cannot be beaten. Therefore, Russia considers that it is not feasible to use the Su-57 in Ukraine.

The second reason why Russia is not using its stealth in Ukraine is that their fighter jets are not up to par. Just look at the fleet of Ukrainian fighter jets that are meager and the Soviet legacy. This means that the fighter jets currently owned by Ukraine are not only few, but also old in terms of technology and age.

During the wᴀʀ broke out last February, one of the problems that Ukraine experienced was the capability of its fighter jets. It is impossible to beat modern Russian fighter jets. Their president had from the beginning asked his Western allies to supply fighter jets.

Ukraine is said to have not developed its fighter jet since the 1990s. And not yet early October, Russia’s most modern generation of fighter jets showed its fangs.

According to Defense View, the Su-57 Felon managed to shoot down the Ukrainian Su-27. The incident occurred on October 10 last in a Ukrainian city. In that incident, the Su-57 fired an R-37M BVR missile. Which meant, Felon’s attacks were beyond the reach of the eye.

In short, this Russian fighter jet attack came from a great distance. According to Defense View, the Su-27 was flown to attack Russian drones. But because it flew too high, it entered the Su-57 Felon’s attack range. And sure enough, the appearance of this stealth Su-57 on the battlefield is a phenomenon.

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