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Extended Range For F-15EX: Outperform Any US Fighter

Outperforming both the F-22 and the F-35, Boeing is proving the F-15 is an extraordinary fighter. The fighter can hit targets at a greater distance than any other fighters currently in the US arsenal.

The US Air Force announced that its newest fighter, the F-15EX Eagle II, recently performed its first series of live-fire tests. The aircraft, belonging to Eglin Air Force B ase 53rd Wing, fired AIM-120C/D AMRAAM medium-range air-to-air missiles as part of its weᴀponѕ System Evaluation Program. “The F-15EX can shoot from a significantly increased range – farther than any other fighter in the U.S. Air Force arsenal – and provides the unique capability of holding 12 AMRAAMs or other large ordinance,” Max Denbin, AFOTEC Detachment 6 team lead test engineer, is quoted as saying in the Center’s press release.

“One of the main takeaways from these live fire shots is the F-15EX Eagle II can clearly function as a long-range, standoff weᴀponѕ  system,” added Max Denbin. The conclusion was made after the missile test firings at the development and operation stage of the F-15EX Eagle II. The first live-fire test took place in January 2022.

As reported, the 40th Flight Test Squadron aircrew and aircraft fired the weᴀpon pursuing a BQM-167 aerial target drone as part of the 53rd Wing’s Combat Archer. During the flight, the F-15EX detected the drone using onboard sensors, acquired a weᴀponѕ-quality track and launched the missile at the target. After tracking the missile’s release and flight toward the BQM-167, the shot was determined to be successful.

Compared to the first F-15 version, the F-15EX has been significantly upgraded and modernized. The F-15EX’s airframe is built with an enhanced weᴀpon payload and has a service life of up to 20,000 hours. Earlier, Andrew P.Hunter, the US Air Force’s chief procurement officer, said the squadron’s F-15Cs were in such bad condition that they needed to be equipped with the F-15EX version as soon as possible. Since the F-15C/D version experienced problems over a period of time, its operational readiness has been reduced to 45%.

This fighter is also appreciated by another feature: It is the first American fighter model equipped with hypersonic weᴀponѕ. Because the hypersonic missile is too large to fit into the internal weᴀponѕ bay of stealth fighters such as the F-22 and F-35, the F-15EX is considered an ideal vehicle to deploy this weᴀpon.

Team 6’s engineers and analysts have been studying the F-15EX’s performance against 5th generation fighters for the past two months. The results show that the new Eagle Passive Active Warning Survivability System has given the F-15E and F-15EX fully integrated radar warning capabilities, along with superior jamming and countermeasures in challenging areas.

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