Evidence Of The Moon-Eyed People – Strange Runic Tablet And A Curious Discovery In North Dakota – Part 1

Ellen Lloyd – Icestech.info – One should always be careful before missing ancient myths and legends too fast. Granted that some ancient tales are a bit too colorful to be authentic, but labeling stories of our ancestors as untrue because we don’t understand their meaning is unwise, especially when evidence supporting the events have been discovered.

This brings us to an interesting subject dealing with some ancient mysteries discovered in North America.

As previously discussed on Ancient Pages, the  Cherokee recall a white-skinned race that lived on their lands before they arrived. This group of very unusual beings was known as the Moon-Eyed people.

Cherokee legends tell the Moon-Eyed people were of small stature and had pale, white skin, blond hair, and blue eyes. They were called Moon-Eyed because they had very sensitive eyes and were unable to see in daylight.

Evidence Of The Moon-Eyed People - Strange Runic Tablet And A Curious Discovery In North Dakota - Part 1

According to the Cherokee, the Moon-Eyed people lived in Appalachia until the Cherokee expelled them. The Moon-Eyed people are said to have built some ancient structures in the area. One of them is Fort Mountain in Georgia.

Many archaeologists and historians have tried to unravel the mystery of the Moon-Eyed people, and there are some theories attempting to shed light on this enigmatic white Indians.  However, most mainstream scientists state conclusive historical evidence of the Moon-Eyed people is still missing.

Have scientists misunderstood the legends of the Moon-Eyed people, or have they simply looked for clues in the wrong places? Could the truth about these unusual people be much simpler than we previously thought?

Is the legend of the Moon-Eyed people just the beginning of a much more complicated story that leads us to yet another ancient mystery? Can a strange Runic tablet and a curious discovery in North Dakota shed new light on the Moon-Eyed people?

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