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The Mystery Behind The Sound Of Earth’s Heartbeat That Scientists Hear Every 26 Seconds

Why Earth Pulse every 26 seconds? No scientist can explain this natural phenomenon until 60 years have passed since the findings.

It’s a puzzle full of mysterious moves that can be predicted regularly. The pulse can be a harmonic phenomenon, a regular seismic chirp caused by the sun’s energy, or an eruption that lures scientists to its source to begin a treasure hunt.

In the early 1960s, a geologist named Jack Oliver first documented the pulse, also known as “microceism,” according to Discover.

Oliver, who was working at Columbia University’s Lamont-Doherty Geological Observatory at the time, heard the noise. Only he didn’t have the sophisticated instruments that seismologists have today.

Since then, scientists have spent a lot of time listening to the pulse and even trying to figure out where it came from. “The part of the Gulf of Guinea called Bonny Bay,” Discover said Popular mechanics.

Some researchers believe that the pulse has some common cause. Beneath the world’s oceans, the continental shelf acts like a giant breakwater – it is the boundary to the very edge of, for example, the continental mass of North America, where the highest part of the plate eventually drops into the deep Abyssal Plain.

Scientists have theorized that this regular pulse is produced when a wave hits a specific point on the continental shelf in the Gulf of Guinea.

If that sounds impossible, think of all the different drum shapes, from the timpani to the bass drum to the bongo that you hit with your hand. It’s not impossible that just some form of “drum” on the continental shelf would create just the right harmonic blast to shake the earth. If that’s true, maybe we’re lucky it’s only one.

However, other researchers believe the cause is a volcano that is also close to turning point. “That’s because the origin of the pulse is believed to be near a volcano on the island of São Tomé in Bonny Bay,” explains Discover. And there are similarly well-documented volcanic microseisms in Japan.

It seems like new troves of scientific research are emerging every day, but the Pulse of Mysteries is a good reminder that there are still many phenomena to be solved. Scientists have studied the pulse and debated its origin, but it has not yet reached a tipping point that would be interesting to resolve.

Discover explains that the researchers may have been investigating a higher priority seismic event, which makes sense.

In 2020, for example, seismologists took the opportunity to study a seismically calmer Earth that was shut down by a global quarantine. There’s no word yet on whether the observed seismological period in 2020 will provide a glimpse of the mysterious 26-second chirp on Earth.

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