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Ever Failed, Was the Plan of the Navy’s Version of the Su-57 Just a Russian Wishful Thinking?

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Posted On August 21, 2022

Ever Failed, Was the Plan of the Navy’s Version of the Su-57 Just a Russian Wishful Thinking?

Rumor has it that Russia is starting to plan to build a naval variant of the Su-57 fighter. This was stated by United Aircraft Corporation CEO Yury Slyusar at the Army 2022 international military technical forum. Slyusar has outlined the possibility of developing a naval variant of the next generation fighter Su-57 for carrier operations.

As is well known, the Su-57 entered service in the Russian Air Force in 2020, more than five years behind schedule. This fighter jet is one of only the fourth fifth-generation fighter aircraft produced worldwide alongside the American F-35 and China’s J-20 and FC-31.

Less than half the squadron value is currently in service, although the fleet is expected to reach 76 fighters by the end of 2027. Slyusar stated about the development of a new variant of the Su-57.

“The Russian Maritime Doctrine stipulates the construction of advanced aircraft carriers. From our point of view, the most promising areas involve building carrier groups based on fifth-generation fighters as well as using drones. The foundation laid under the Su-57 program makes it possible to solve the problems of the Russian Navy’s naval aviation tasks in the shortest possible time,” he said.

In fact, this was previously brought up in 2018. It is known that the United Aircraft Corporation announced in March of that year that it was ready for development. Chief designer Sergey Korotkov at the time stressed that the design needed to be made in conjunction with the development of the carrier.

“If we only work on the air component and not work on the ship component, then things will not match. A large number of issues involving takeoff, landing, operation, electromagnetic compatibility and so on – it has to be done together,” he said.

Previously, Russia had tried the design of a sophisticated carrier-based fighter aircraft, namely the Su-27KUB. However, the jet failed to enter serial production due to lack of funding. Moreover, aircraft carrier flights are consistently a low priority for the country’s limited defense budget. Plus Russia is pressured by the existing sanctions because of its invasion of Ukraine.

Quoted from Defense.gov, in the event of Russia’s domestic fiasco, the export controls that have been imposed on Moscow by the United States, partners and allies around the world are just beginning to take effect, marking a list that includes:


Large Russian state-owned companies have lost 70-90% of their market capitalization.
About 1,000 multinational companies have suspended operations in Russia.
Inflation in Russia increased to 20%.
The Russian stock market has lost a third of its value.
The various sanctions deployed may also have an effect on Russia’s intention to develop its naval variant of the Su-57.

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