This Crocodile was Trying to Attack This Electric Eel and Then Being Shocked to Death


Unfortunately, animals have a habit of putting themselves in dangerous situations. Because they are constantly in search of food, they often end up at the wrong place at the wrong time. If you want to see what happens when animals dabble in electricity, sit tight, as you get shocked when we look at animals being shocked to death.

Snake Gets Electric Shock

Some tourists arrived in South Africa and on their first day, they encountered a cobra that got zapped when he made contact with an electric fence. A man pushed the snake away with a stick to prevent him from further electrocution. I don’t know why this huge snake decided to crawl up this electric pole, but when this employee tries to bring it down with a rod, the snake resists and holds on tight to the pole.

I’m not sure if the snake gets a few shocks along the way, but the people manage to take him down alive and put him in a bag. This snake is dangling from an electric pole and he’s attracting a lot of attention because birds begin to show up. I guess they’re waiting for lunch. When the snake is zapped, it falls to the ground, but when the cameraman looks for it, there is no movement on the ground. I guess the birds already knew the outcome and that’s why they showed up.

This white oak snake tried to get into this henhouse, but the electric fence not only stopped him but also killed him. I guess snakes are not the ideal animals for electric fences.

Birds Being Shocked

Parrots are being electrocuted, according to the sibling of the person filming. So, he grabs his camera and records the whole incident, and you can see the other two dangling by their beaks and one on its tail.

They were producing an electric shock by climbing from wire to wire. They would not have been electrocuted if they had just stayed on one line. These birds meet at the top of an electric pole, but one of the birds is unlucky and gets zapped. The bird falls to the ground, and the person filming approaches the bird. The bird is stunned, but still alive and after a few seconds, even manages to fly away. I hope it learned its lesson. You can see how close this little bird is to being zapped and when he is, he just disappears. I guess there is only one thing to say. Beam me up, Scotty!

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