The Egyptian Akhenaten Pharaoh’s Mysterious Mummies Were of Extraterrestrial Origin and Were Giants

The mysteries of ancient pharaoh Akhenaten still cause great curiosity for historians. He was considered a heretic, removed from the list of official kings, and thought to be the son of an outsider.


Mysterious Egyptian pharaoh’s mother,

The famous king of ancient Egypt, Akhenaten, changed the whole country’s religion. It was because of this action that he was deleted from the history of the heretic’s name.

Akhenaten, also called Amenhotep IV, was a pharaoh of the 18th dynasty in ancient Egypt. He ruled the country for 17 years from 1351 BC until his death in 1336 BC. He was the power behind Queen Nefertiti and the father of the famous pharaoh Tutankhamun.

In almost two decades of Egypt, Akhenaten made many great changes in people’s lives, especially on the issue of religion. In other words, Pharaoh Akhenaten is known in history as a heretical monarch who converted religion from polytheism to worshiping a single god.

Specifically, from worshiping many different gods, Akhenaten demanded that the whole country turn to the unique worship of the god Athens—the sun god. Other significant changes associated with this decision include the construction of a temple dedicated to the god of Athens, the relocation of the palace to another city, and the most controversial effect of applying temple taxes to the people.

This act is considered unpopular with the Egyptians when many social classes have to pay taxes to serve the Athens sanctuary.

Most historical acts related to Pharaoh Akhen aten have been destroyed, making it difficult for historians and archaeologists to determine the true identity of the mummy believed to be

However, Pharaoh’s religious reform ended after his son, Tutankhamun, was enthroned and restored the old religious values. Even the history of ancient Egypt rejected this king and erased his name from history.

He almost completely disappeared from history until he was rediscovered in the 19th century in the city of Amarna, in the street he built for the god Athens. Early excavations at Amarna performed by Flinders Petrie concerned the interests of the mysterious king, along with a widespread mother in 1907, who raised the question of the body of King Akhenaten.

What was found, however, was quite destroyed. So far, archaeological and historical research circles are still controversial about the person in the grave who is the father of the famous King Tutankhamun.

Recently, a group of experts attended. A new theory of the king’s mother was taken away by Egypt in the old foreign documentary film program.

Consequently, these researchers believe that the remains of the Pharaoh Akhenaten may have been deliberately moved or destroyed.

Swiss archaeologist Giorgio A. Tsoukalos, who believes that aliens are related to ancient people, cites In 1891, another Italian archeologist chased the mother of King Akhenaten, who came to explore the tomb but did not collect any clues. The expert group said that King Akhenaten’s mother had never been in the grave and Pharaoh’s body was originally of foreign origin.

According to some small notes, King Akhenaten has many mutant properties, like an egg-shaped head and an unusually long finger that forms the basis of the hypothesis that the king is the result of the combination of foreigners and people.

The reason why the Pharaoh Akhenaten hypothesis is related to foreigners comes from the study of mummies believed to be by this king, the houses. Science discovered many unusual mutations, such as the face that was extended and hidden behind the egg-shaped head.

Long face with snake contours, the back of another long head with a round egg shape, the brain is 1.5 times larger than normal, but long fingers are spindle-shaped, and the toes are like the clones in the legs.Large hips and a woman’s chest “-some historical information about the king has similar content.

This hypothesis suggests that Akhenaten’s distortion is due to genetic genetics. The Pharaoh is the result of a strange test from Sirius in the universe.

This notion has been mentioned in legends of many peoples, including ancient Egypt. As a result, without artificial implants that introduce their genes into the human body, foreigners cannot compete directly with the people of the Earth.

An intact 3,000-year-old Egyptian mummy has been discovered. The mummy was discovered in a coffin in Luxor, by the Nile.

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