“Echo” From The Ocean: A Mystery That Scientists Have Been Unable to Decipher for Nearly Three Decades

Nearly three decades have passed, the mystery of this unusual sound still makes scientists constantly explore.

December 7, 1992: The full year of the Soviet Union’s dissolution, the US-US Cold War ended. Whidbey Island Naval Air Station (US) remains. The Pacific Ocean remains the same – vast and infinite sea, beyond the runway named William Ault – the pilot killed in the Battle of Coral Sea during World War II but the body has never been found – witnessed proves one thing: The ocean “swallows” people up and makes them invincible in deep water.

But in those last days of 1992, at the same naval air station, the Pacific Ocean appeared something finite: strange sound. Has an unusual frequency of 52 Hz .

The sound comes from a creature moving through the Pacific Ocean. It is “singing” a lone, soaring song.

Analyzing the spectral image of this mysterious creature, US oceanographers predicted it to be a giant blue whale (30 meters long, weighing about 180 tons), emitting frequencies that no other species of whale could. hear. They named it 52 Blue (or Whale 52 Hertz).

Picture 1 of ‘Echo’ from the ocean: A mystery that scientists have been unable to decipher for nearly three decades
American oceanographers predict it is a giant blue whale. (Source: Washington Post)

For humans, 52 Hz is a low sound – like the lowest note of a Tuba trumpet – but it is high for whales. Usually, whales “sing” to navigate, find food, communicate and find mates. Their voices are heard thousands of miles away. As long as they have the same frequency, blue whales emit frequencies from 10 to 39 Hz, fin whales are 20 Hz (equivalent to the deepest notes of piano keys).

The song emits a frequency that no whale can hear. It was so tall. And also unusually lonely.

No one is sure why 52 Blue sang at this unusual frequency. Some biologists hypothesize that this whale may be malformed in some way or a hybrid of two species of whale.

Because no other human could hear its call, the scientists decided to listen to 52 Blue more. Although it may be lonely in the ocean world, it is not lost in the love of scientists and humans. Scientists listen and try to “respond” to it.

Picture 2 of ‘Echo’ from the ocean: A mystery that scientists have been unable to decipher for nearly three decades

Not only emitting high frequency, 52 Blue’s journey is also very unusual. In 2004, Woods Hole Oceanographic researchers published an article about 52 Blue in a journal called Deep Sea Research, with the content: 52 Blue moves constantly throughout the deep waters of the region. Central and Eastern Pacific basin . It is on the widest course of any whale in the world.

For most other whales, they often migrate to the same area each year: Migrating to tropical waters in winter and reaching colder waters in summer.

However, for 52 Blue is different. Its itinerary varies from year to year and it does not spend much time in one place . Sometimes it comes back along the coast he just walked. Another season, it swims deeper waters.

Looking at the confusing lines on 52 Blue’s map, the scientists couldn’t help but ask: What is 52 Blue looking for? There are many mysteries about 52 Blue that scientists cannot solve yet.

Despite the discovery of 52 Blue from 1992 until now, scientists still cannot fully understand this “blue sea legend” : “We can not understand 52 Blue. Is that whale alone? like imagining a gigantic creature, year after year singing a solo song that no human could hear, but is it true that 52 Blue is alone in the deep ocean? Or 52 Blue is it true that it’s just an ocean “ghost”?

This is easy to explain because so far, no one has ever seen or searched for 52 Blue . In other words, no one has seen it with their own eyes. 52 Blue is not only a single giant planet on the planet, its story is metaphor for loneliness.

Picture 3 of ‘Echo’ from the ocean: A mystery that scientists have been unable to decipher for nearly three decades

One of the efforts to find 52 Blue from Josh Zeman, a filmmaker who made the documentary called “52: The Search for the Loneliest Whale in the World” (roughly translated: Journey search whale she unique planet).

Among the topics directed by Josh Zeman stood out on the topic of modern loneliness, and people responded to the story of the 52 Blue Whale in a digital age when the Internet promised to connect millions of people. online but can actually make us more isolated.

However, not only the metaphor of loneliness, 52 Blue also conveys the message of optimism: Nearly 3 decades since people discovered its audio message, 52 Blue has always sung. in the middle of the deep ocean. He still revels in calling his fellow humans, and makes a strange journey to find you. Hope someday naturally will respond.

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