14,000 Scientists Warn The Earth’s “life Signs” Are Rapidly Deteriorating Because Of Humans

The Earth is suffering from pollution and global temperatures are warming. A new warning from tens of thousands of scientists continues to show that our common “home” is in grave danger dramatic.

In a new report, 14,000 scientists from 34 countries have issued a warning about the state of our planet, and this is truly devastating.

The researchers wrote: “We are near or past cut-off points related to important parts of the Earth’s system, including the ice sheets of West Antarctica and Greenland, warm sea coral reefs, and rainforests.” Amazon”.

“With these alarming developments, we need to stay up to date on the climate emergency.”

In 2019, 11,258 scientists published a report in the journal BioScience, alerting the world to the dire climate emergency we face.

Things couldn’t have been better nearly two years later.

“Particularly worrying is the increase in climate-related disasters, including the major fires in Australia in 2019–20 and the record-setting three major greenhouse gases – carbon dioxide, methane, and nitrous oxide – in atmospheric concentrations in 2020 and again in 2021.” University of Sydney ecologist Thomas Newsome said.

“This is still happening despite the shift in the COVID-19 pandemic.”

The new report, also published in BioScience, involved an additional 2,800 scientists. The group of scientists said that 1,990 jurisdictions have officially declared or recognized a climate emergency and have put in place policies that can mitigate some of the damage we’ve done to the warming planet.

The researchers propose a “three-pronged policy approach”: higher global carbon prices; a plan to ban fossil fuels worldwide; and the development of climate reserves to conserve, protect, and restore biodiversity and carbon sinks (such as the Amazon rainforest).

14 000 scientists warn Earth’s life signs are rapidly deteriorating because of humans.

The burning of forests has caused the Amazon to now emit more CO2 than is absorbed by this forest.

Of course, climate scientists have been vocal about the dangers of anthropogenic climate change since at least the 1960s, and have come up with different solutions in different ways since the 1980s.

Despite knowing what impact the rampant use of fossil fuels is having on the Earth’s climate, humanity’s greenhouse gas emissions continue to increase, and as a result, global warming. Demand has increased. Now, scientists warn that we have no more time to waste.

Newsome said, “We propose an urgent need for transformative change to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and human overexploitation of the planet.”

The study tracks 31 indicators of the planet’s health, which they call “signs of life”, broken down into human activities (population, energy consumption, air transport, total emissions, etc.) and climate responses (increasing temperatures, loss of sea ice, ocean acidification, and others).

14 000 scientists warn Earth’s life signs are rapidly deteriorating because of humans.

The researchers say that although many of Earth’s 31 “life signs” – such as ocean shifts, the Amazon forest, and melting ice – are at an all-time high, there are still some glimmers of hope. I hope

Between 2018 and 2021, solar and wind power have increased by 57% (although this is still 19 times lower than fossil fuel consumption).

In addition, from 2018 to 2021, there was a sharp increase in divestment from fossil fuels. And since 2019, energy consumption from fossil fuels has also decreased slightly (although the researchers note that it could be due to the pandemic and it is likely to flare up again).

Scientists hope that countries will make the necessary policy changes to literally save the world.

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