THE DULCE BATTLE  – Underground Battle with ALIENS in New Mexico  – Icestech

THE DULCE BATTLE  – Underground Battle with ALIENS in New Mexico 

Phil Schneider and the Dulce, New Mexico Fire-Fight

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Phil Schneider was a geologist and engineer who worked for the US government and was involved in a war in Dulce, New Mexico that resulted in the deaths of more than 60 agents.In 1979, the US government built an underground military base, which Schneider claimed was 2.5 miles deep and exposed a large cavern of aliens. This discovery resulted in a man versus alien fire-fight.

Phil Schneider Wanted Full-Disclosure

Phil Schneider was involved in many projects including the “Philadelphia Experiment”. After the death of his father, Oscar Schneider, and close friend Ron Rummell, Schneider decided to speak out against the same people he worked for. Oscar Schneider revealed many government secrets to his son, as well as projects he himself was involved in. Ron Rummell was recorded as having committed suicide, which Schneider believed was false. He believed his friend was murdered because he was in the process of writing a book that would also disclose secret information. Schneider’s reason for coming out to the public was that he believed that the government should be transparent and stop governing with secret information that is threatening to civilians. He also believed that there was a secret plan involving the Third World Order and the future enslavement of humanity on earth.

Schneider Faces a Tall Gray Alien

Schneider came across a 7-foot gray alien when he first entered the underground cavern. He killed two of the aliens before he was injured himself. According to Schneider, he was shot in the chest by a box-shaped weapon the alien had on their body. The box shot out a plasma ball that resulted in Schneider losing a few fingers. This incident also gave Schneider cobalt radiation, which he claims resulted in cancer. There were 30 men with Schneider, and another 40 followed. Schneider was saved by one of the men who was later killed in the fight. Only three of the 66 men who were down in the base survived, including Schneider.

Schneider’s Death

In May of 1995, Schneider gave a speech that highlighted the corruption and deception that malevolent aliens beings and government officials had been involved in. 7 months after his lecture, Schneider was found dead in his apartment. The death was ruled a suicide by hanging, but people close to Schneider believe he was killed by the same people he had previously worked for.

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