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The Ultra-Rare Dracula Parrot Exists And Is Terrifyingly Beautiful

Whether you like the world of goths and vampires or not, this parrot is sure to enchant you.

This vulture-parrot hybrid is found only within the jungles of New Guinea — and might be the most gothic bird on Earth.

Normally, this parrot is found in the forests of New Guinea, and it is rare that you will find an individual outside its natural environment or in captivity, except in the occasional zoo.

These parrots are quite large, they can reach more than 50cm tall. The only difference between male and female parrots are small red spots.

Its scarlet red belly is surrounded by a sleek black plumage and gray scaling, like a cape. Its vulture-like hooked beak protrudes from its small bald head set with beady eyes. It lives a nomadic life, feeding on a highly-specialized diet.

Unfortunately, their feathers are so beautiful that they are highly prized by the natives of New Guinea, and today there are still poachers who hunt them.
This parrot feasts mainly on a sticky species of hard-to-find figs, the rarity of which endangers its survival. However, nectar and certain flowers have also been known to frequent the diet of these frugivores.

Like vultures, the Dracula parrot has evolved to lose the feathers on its head so that it doesn’t get messy with the sticky syrup of figs.

Dracula parrots are fairly large, clocking in at 18 inches long and weighing between 24 and 28 ounces.

There is very little difference between male and female Dracula parrots. One telltale mark is that most males have a red spot on their heads behind their eyes.

As if that were not enough, not only their appearance is peculiar, but also the sounds they emit.

Instead of singing or whistling as other parrots normally do, these Dracula parrots make sounds that may well be reminiscent of some kind of growl. Imagine hearing those sounds in the middle of the night in the jungles of New Guinea and coming face to face with one of these parrots.

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