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Do You Remember Dolores Barrios, The Woman From Planet Venus?

The sudden rise in UFO activity reported in post-war United States defies any rational explanation. Following the events of Roswell in 1947, where it was reported that both a UFO and its alien occupants had been recovered by the US government, there was a sudden surge in UFO sightings which would last for decades to come.
Seven years after the famous Roswell UFO crash incident, researchers claimed that a group of aliens from Venus arrived on Earth to learn about the knowledge of humans concerning aliens.
UFO convention of August, 1954

The most intriguing convention to discuss alien and other world activities took place between August 7th and 8th of 1954. The venue of the convention was the top of Mount Palomar, United States. The altitude of the venue was more than 1.8 Kilometers.

The convention was headed by the three most renowned and reliable contactees: George Adamski, Truman Bethurum, and Daniel Fry. The event was attended by thousands of people that included journalists, researchers, FBI agents, and commoners from all around the world.

During the convention, attendees spotted an extraordinary presence of a beautiful woman in the company of two men at the end of the first day. Their presence, walking through the crowds, caused a commotion. The three were fair-skinned, and the woman wore her hair in a blond bob, but her eyes were dark and fierce.

The woman was characterized as having unusual physical features, including a projecting bone structure in the middle of her forehead that extended vertically to her nose, and deep black eyes with thick eyelashes.
Within minutes, a rumor began to spread among the attendees that these particular participants were “Venusians” in disguise.

One of the curious attendees asked the blonde woman that was she actually from the planet Venus, to which the woman calmly responded that “No, she is not”.

O Cruzeiro, a Brazilian publication, was the most widely circulated magazine in South America at the time. A reporter working for the magazine, Joo Martins, was present at the convention and interviewed the three strangers.

Martins requested permission to photograph them, but they declined. Being referred to as Venusians irritated them. The beautiful woman, according to Martins, resembled the painting Adamski had displayed, and the three declined to explain their presence at the convention.
On the second day of the convention, Martins managed to capture a photograph of all three of them. After that, the trio ran towards the forest, and soon, a UFO took off.

Unfortunately, the picture of the UFO could not be captured. Upon being investigated, it was found that no one has ever seen them earlier and was unable to recognize them raising suspicion.

It is believed by a few researchers that Dolores Barrios was a human and passed away in 2008. However, another group of UFO researchers still maintains the possibility that the name “Dolores Barrios” belonged to a deceased woman. A common practice used by the mob and cold war spies is to take a new identity at the time.

Presentation of George Adamski during the convention
George Adamski claimed that he had several encounters with aliens including the Nordic-like aliens, and he referred to them as “Space Brothers.”

He stated that these “space brothers” descended on Earth using a flying saucer. They landed at the Colorado desert on November 20, 1952, and Adamski had the opportunity to fly in their craft.

The aliens warned Adamski about the future of humans on Earth and expressed their concern over the nuclear weapons and wars that could put human lives in peril.
Adamski presented the Venusians’ intentions and morphological structure, just like human beings, with various minor aspects. He emphasized the fact that their appearance is similar to ours and they could go undetected among us. He illustrated the physical appearance of Venusians in a painting.


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