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Dog Refuses To Abandon The Body Of His Owner Who Died On The Street

In Rosario, a homeless man died outdoors, and his dog stayed next to the body for several hours.

The animal, called “Capullo”, remained next to the corpse of a 27-year-old man until it was removed from Colón Street in 2000 to the morgue. The neighbors assured us that for years they were inseparable.

In 2000, “Capullo” had practically become the dog of the entire block of Colón Street, in the city of Rosario. All the neighbors knew him as well as his owner, a 27-year-old homeless man who, for five months, had slept at the entrance of a garage.

The misfortune caused the story between “Capullo” and its owner to monopolize the pages of the main Rosario newspaper throughout Tuesday. The young man lost his life in the middle of the street during the early hours of October 20, and the pet remained for hours in the middle of the street next to the body of his owner, until health personnel moved the body to the morgue.

The dog went everywhere with him. For months, they came here, with other people, and spent the night next to my place,” he told Infobae, the owner of a bazaar and pet products store called “Mis Tres Perros.” Every night, the young man and Capullo slept at the entrance to a garage adjacent to that commercial establishment, which was located at 2031 Colón.

The garage where the young man died in a street situation and where he was accompanied by his dog until the last minute.

I never knew the name of its owner, but I tried to help them as best I could. The dog never lacked food and water; I always gave it to him. I had given the owner clothes. A couple of times I gave him money to buy food, but over time the relationship began to get complicated, “warned the merchant.

The pet store owner stated that once he stopped giving “Capullo”‘s owner money, that person began to treat him in an aggressive and intimidating manner. “He started treating me with violence and a half, like he demanded that I give him money every day.” But I couldn’t keep it up; I barely make ends meet. In addition, the group that accompanied him became larger and larger, and people were sometimes afraid to enter the premises, “said Nelson, who a few months ago moved his business to another location located a few blocks away.

The causes of death are still unknown. It is believed that he was the victim of hypothermia, due to the low temperature that was recorded between Monday night and Tuesday morning in Rosario. In addition, some residents of the neighborhood had noticed a deterioration in his health in recent weeks.

“The last time I saw this boy was a few weeks ago. He had lost a lot of weight.” In addition, he had spots on his skin, as if he had lost pigmentation in the skin of his face. It seemed that he had low defenses, “Nelson told Infobae.

Members of the Rosario Police were present from the first hour in the garage on Colón Street at 2031. At first, the body of the young man in a street situation lay covered by a blanket, and by his side was “Capullo”, immovable, who even at first growled at those who approached him.

One of the “comrades” from the street of the deceased young man spoke with the channel El Tres and assured: “The dog belonged to him and he will miss him.” He is not going to follow us because he was only following him. I took care of him”.

That same partner in the open recounted the last moments of the 27-year-old. “I called an ambulance today because I saw that it was giving no more.” The doctor came, they put serum in, and then they told me: “It’s not going anymore.”

The relationship between Capullo and its owner had been consolidated as a bond already known within the neighborhood. None of the neighbors noticed any violent treatment by the owner towards his pet, although they did highlight the protective attitude that the animal had towards the young man.

In principle, “Capullo” was left in the hands of the group of people who spent the nights with the deceased young man in the open, and the consolation of the residents of the area will be at least being able to see the dog again both on Colón Street and in the Pellegrino area.

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