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Mama Greyhound with a Broken Leg Leads Rescuers 2 Miles to Save Her Puppies

Most mothers have unconditional love for their children and would do anything for them. One dog proved that a mother’s love knows no boundaries, writes I love my dog so much.

An injured stray Greyhound with a broken leg was found limping around, and rescuers soon realized what she was fighting to live for – she was a mother.

The mama dog, now named Vera, was in horrible shape. Aside from her broken leg, she was also starving and extremely emaciated.

Veterinarian Ellen Sobry, who met Vera after her friend, Lianne, found her looking for food near a market in Vera, Spain, noticed that Vera was lactating. She knew instantly that Vera had a litter of puppies somewhere.

Psychologist Lianne Powell was the one who spotted the doggie and took her to the vet. There, they noticed she was producing milk and realized the dog just had puppies. “We put a collar and long lead on her… Then we just followed her… She knew where she was going,”

The first thing they did was take care of Vera’s injured leg, then they went back to where Vera was found, hoping that she would lead them to her babies.

That’s when Vera began walking, and they followed right behind her. Feet turned into yards which turned into miles. Nearly two miles later, Vera led them to a broken-down car near an abandoned house.

Inside the car were ten healthy puppies. Vera had miraculously taken care of them by herself and, while she was injured, managed to lead people she trusted to her babies, even though she had only met the vets about an hour before.

The proud mama dog and her puppies are being cared for at Clinivet Turre and, when they are ready, will find homes with the help of Ibizan Hound Rescue, a non-profit rescue group.

While Sobry and Lianne did an amazing job rescuing Vera, the puppies wouldn’t have survived if it wasn’t for Vera’s unconditional love and dedication!

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