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Dog Hero Led The Biker Into The Mountains Where He Found An Abandoned Baby And Saved His Life

Dogs are very amazing creatures. They can save lives in their own unique ways, which is one of the many signs that animals love us unconditionally.

On Christmas Eve, according to The Sun, motorcyclist Junrell Fuentes Revilla was traveling through the village of Sibonga, Cebu when a small dog ran along with the roadside barking at him—and simply wouldn’t stop.


A dog continued to chase and bark at Junrell Revilla’s motorcycle. Junrell was not worried when he discovered that the puppy was not violent and that it merely sought his attention.

Puzzled as to why the pup was acting so strangely, Revilla turned around and followed him. He was brought to a garbage dump by the dog, who then raced off to a tiny pile. Junrell looked over the waste mound and understood the dog had just saved a life.

He discovered a baby who had been abandoned beneath the pile. When the dog saw the newborn, he quickly ran to find a human nearby to ask for assistance. Junrell was taken aback by what he saw, but he acted quickly and escorted the baby boy to the police station.

They are relieved to learn that the baby is healthy. The brave and sweet canine was given the name Blacky after he was rescued.

Fortunately, the heroic canine found the right human to help just in time. A thorough checkup revealed the baby was healthy and was later placed in the care of social services, The Sun reported.

Blacky’s rescue tale went viral on the internet, attracting the attention of Hope for Strays, a non-profit animal shelter. They partnered with Passion Project to give Blacky and his family pet supplies, toys, and treats, as well as food and rice.

Olingay said Blacky, as he’s called, was 18 months old and one of the 10 dogs Olingay and his family care for, despite their limited means. So the two rescue organizations shared Blacky’s heroism through local media to celebrate the life he saved and to raise funds for the Olingays

“Let us make this hero dog the hero of his family now,” Passion Project shared on Instagram.
By the end of December, the donations had poured in. Hope for Strays and PAWssion Project gifted Olingay’s human and canine families with thousands of dollars in food, supplies, and veterinary care. It’s a touching and appropriate final chapter for the heroic pup who followed his instincts and did what was right.

“This is a reminder to everyone that dogs are like family,” they wrote on Inѕtаgrаm. Dogs are really great – and Blacky is one of the best!

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