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Declassified document about the crash of an alien ship by humanoid pilots three foot tall in Roswell in 1947

A recently released FBI document claims that a US Air Force investigator in New Mexico saw “three so-called flying saucers” piloted by “three humanoid pilots, but only three feet tall.” This is reported by the Daily Star.

The released FBI document is “indisputable evidence” that an alien spacecraft crashed in Roswell, UFO researcher said.

A report submitted on March 22, 1950, and released under the Freedom of Information Act, confirms that a US Air Force investigator in New Mexico saw “three so-called flying saucers” flown by “three human-shaped pilots, but only three feet tall.”

Although some details have been omitted, Scott Waring believes the document is 100% proof of the 1947 Roswell UFO crash.

Analyzing the document on UFO sightings, the ufologist said: “This FBI document is essentially indisputable evidence that the Roswell UFO crash happened. It also proves that the US government is tracking alien spacecraft, alien bodies and alien technology… and even weapons capable of destroying alien ships.”

“It sounds incredible, but it’s all true. The FBI document states several important facts that most people don’t know and even I didn’t know… I believe the radar that the US Air Force was experiment ing with was microwave technology. This is dangerous as it disrupts some types of electronics.”

In addition, the fact that the US government has alien bodies is supported by other reports that the US government is using alien DNA to create terrestrial gray aliens (gray being a type of alien in the report). They will serve the US government at an underground US Air Force base under the Los Alamos Laboratory.

A document released by the FBI claims that three flying saucers were recorded being piloted by three-foot-tall human-shaped creatures.

“This is also backed up by British hacker Gary McKinnon, who said he saw evidence in US government computers of US soldiers traveling in spaceships.”

“Having over 70 years of US Air Force alien technology, I’m 100% sure they’ve learned how to build it and build their own ships, flying at the speed of light, equipped with pulse weapons.”

The Roswell Incident on July 8, 1947 took place at night when many witnesses saw an unidentified flying object crash into a ranch near Roswell, New Mexico.

The object was later identified as a US Air Force balloon, although many still assume that aliens crashed then, and the US government has classified all information about it.


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