Detecting Foreign Creature With Pig Body, Elephant Head Caused A Stir

Recently, a “monster” pig without a mouth but with an elongated nose like an elephant’s trunk has just been born causing a stir.

The aforementioned peculiar pig was born on a farm in China. Although the bizarre animal was born with the head of an elephant and the body of a pig, the farm owner confirmed the two species are not related.

The strange creature with the body of a pig and the head of an elephant caused a stir.

The farm owner said the piglet was born from a sow weighing nearly 250kg. The pig had no mouth and died two hours after giving birth.

The monstrous shape of the newborn piglet attracts the attention of many curious people. Scientists say this is just a mutant fetus of a normal sow.

The pig had no mouth and died two hours after giving birth.

This is not the first case of pigs giving birth to elephants. Previously, on September 24, in Dak Lak, a sow gave birth to a piglet shaped like an elephant, causing a stir.

In February 2014, a shocking image of a monstrous creature believed to be a pig, but a face with human features in the town of Tapiráipe, Bahia state, Brazil also intrigued many people.


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