Detecting a lot of ‘UFOs that crashed’ mysteriously in Russia?

The strange out-of-place discs are coated in a thick layer of tungsten, a high-density metal commonly used in military technology cosmo poisk the team who made the discoveries is a notorious Russian UFO and cryptozoology

The research team was excavating in the area in search of the unknown objects, but they will not reveal where this information came from. These tungsten discs are the remains of several alien craft that crashed into the planet.

We had already discovered about a dozen of these disks during a quote event. When we discovered a disc-shaped object with a diameter of nearly two meters, most of them had a diameter of around one meter. Nevertheless, this new

Nonetheless, this new disc is a one-of-a-kind and eye-catching find.

The shape of the four-meter disc, according to a team member, is similar to our modern-day interpretations of UFOs, and it has given UFO Hunters plenty to talk about. What it is is still unknown.

Could the relics of ancient pilots be hidden within these strange metal discs? The fact that they have a thick outer layer of tungsten is very appealing. Tungsten is the metal of choice for high temperatures because it has the highest melting point of any known metal, making it an excellent choice for preventing heat from entering.

One of the main reasons for its use in military hardware such as orbital missiles is the Earth’s atmosphere. The recently discovered disk has been transported to the zero Ski Museum, where scientists are examining it to determine its age and the exact composition of the materials contained within.

Although they reject the possibility that it was an alien craft in the past, they are unsure of what these discs are, where they came from, how they came to be, or what might be inside. A mining company near the city below discovered another mysterious tungsten-coated disc in Russia earlier this year. The mysterious 1.2-meter disc was discovered at a depth of 40 meters within the mine, indicating that it is extremely old.

Archaeologists conducted several tests and reluctantly concluded that мคห created the perfectly circular object in the very distant past. However, they provided no explanation for how that was even possible. More information about the objects will hopefully be available after experts examine them at Russia’s Zernov Ski Museum.

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