Cute Kittens walk with a tiny chicken for first time (20Pic+)

This chick and kitten’s unusual friendship may be the cutest thing that you could see on the internet today.

From the commonly observed friendship between dogs and ducks to rare sights like a giraffe and an ostrich, we have witnessed several unusual friendships from different animals. The internet continues to be surprised by how some animals develop bonds and have wholesome friendly interactions with other species.

This cat owner tries introducing tiny chickens to her adorable kitties.


Today’s story revolves around the unusual friendship between this kitten and a chicken. Irina is an avid cat lover and an owner of several British Shorthair cats. Despite being allergic to cats, Irina has never let her allergies stop her from loving these adorable creatures.


Just recently, Irina has thought of introducing a baby chick to her harmless kittens to see how they would react. The first video was from a month ago, featuring a golden-black tabby kitten named Pixel meeting an innocent baby chick for the first time.

Just look at how adorable this bond is between a baby chick and a kitten.


Baby Pixel was just several weeks old, but due to her curiosity, she was already actively exploring her surroundings. Irina decided that it was a perfect time to introduce a baby chick to her and see how she would react.

At first, Pixel’s instincts told her to examine the chick by sniffing her all around. Pixel acted cautiously around the chick for some time but it did not take long for her to get used to the chick around her.


The baby chick was surprisingly comfortable around the kitten too; she was not afraid of Pixel tapping her with her paws. It is simply adorable how the baby chick continues to follow Pixel around. After some time, Pixel became comfortable playing with the chick. Moreover, Pixel tries her best not to play too rough with the baby chick.

When they get tired of playing, they take some quick naps together.


Once the chick and the kitten get tired from playing and running around the house, a quick nap is necessary to regain some energy for their next roughhousing. As Pixel laid comfortably on the sofa, the baby chick carefully approached Pixel on the face as if she was trying to find a cozy spot for herself.


The next time you see them, they are already huddling up with their eyes closed. Pixel also tries to wrap her paws around the chick. As Pixel’s hug was warm for the chick, the sweet sight of them sleeping together was just as heartwarming. It just makes you want to exclaim “aww.”

The chick and Pixel’s unusual friendship has tugged plenty of heartstrings on the internet.

The clip of Pixel and the chick’s first meeting was uploaded on July 11 and has received over 3.6 million views. Plus, the clip of Pixel and the chick napping together was uploaded on August 3 and it has already racked up 3.7 million views. They posted another video on August 9 that’s already gaining popularity.

To see more of Irina’s British shorthair kittens, and their daily wholesome adventures with baby chicks, check out the channel Teddy Kittens on YouTube. You can also watch the whole video of the kitten and the chick by clicking on the link below.

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