The Mystery of The Chinese Cliff Lays Egg-shaped Stones Every 30 Years (VIDEO)

An eerie cliff perched on a mountain in southeastern China that often produces round rocks as large as eggs weighing up to 300 kilograms.

For a long time, China is not only famous for its beautiful landscapes or delicious food, but it is also a place where thrilling and mysterious stories often happen.

Recently, this country stunned people when The Sun magazine revealed that there is a strange cliff that can “lay” eggs located in Guizhou province, southwest China. This cliff is 20 m long, 6 m wide, located on a mountain, next to an old ethnic minority village.

The eggs “layed” from here are usually about 30-60 cm in diameter and weigh up to 300 kg. Stone eggs are dark green and shaped like dinosaur eggs but smooth, perfectly smooth. Every 30 years, they will grow and fall from the cliff. After that, new “eggs” continue to form and develop.

At first, the locals were amazed at this strange phenomenon. But then they believe that this stone egg can bring good luck and help newlyweds give birth to a son. This is also the reason why now only 70 eggs are preserved, the rest have been lost or stolen to bring back to worship.

However, as explained by geologists, this is just a natural phenomenon born due to sedimentary phenomena and rock layer erosion over time.

Through tests, experts said that stone eggs are tumors formed by calcium carbonate molecules in the deep sea about 500 million years ago during the Cambrian period. Because the mudstone process makes mountains faster, it seems that the cliffs are spawning eggs.

According to the explanation of geologists, this is just a natural phenomenon born due to sedimentary phenomena and rock layer erosion over time. Curiosity.
Whether in terms of spirituality or science, this egg-laying cliff phenomenon has also helped China attract attention and the number of tourists from all over the world flocking here is the source of tourism services. perfect for this locality.

In addition to the cliff that can lay eggs in Guizhou province, China also has another strange and attractive cliff located in Shanxi province. This cliff is the site of a hanging pagoda.

From a distance, the temple seems to be leaning against the mountain, so people think this is just a miniature model. But in fact, this temple was built in 491 and attracts a large number of tourists from all over the world to come here to explore.

If you find these phenomena very common in China, then visit the US far away to discover a cliff that is considered the most mysterious in the world: “Devil’s Cliff”.

This strange cliff is located in Yosemite National Park in the US. Although it is called “Devil’s Cliff”, it is actually formed by a combination of lava and iceberg.

Hard to believe Devil’s Cliff – this masterpiece of creation, has been destroyed twice: once because of a gold mine blasting and once for a hydroelectric project, but it still stands for the same years, and It is also thanks to it that Yosemite Park attracts more than three million visitors every year.

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