Claims of a man who saw a cube-shaped UFO: “There are not only humans on Earth”

Justin Johnson รคყs the encounter happened when he was on his way home from work in Springfield, Missouri, earlier this week. He spotted something seemingly rotating in sky for nearly three minutes in a v-shaped arc over the city.

He added: “I really couldn’t tell you what it was, but it’s nothing publicly known about.

“If I had to put money on a guess, it would be otherworldly origins or secret government tech.”

He said: “I was driving northbound after I got off work and I noticed a very shiny object flying through the sky kinda heading in my direction.

He claimed tt’s got lights around it even in the middle of the day.

“As I got closer, it kinda started to look like trash blowing through the air.

“Once I got to my closest point with the object I could tell this was not trash – it looked like a solid metal cube that was rotating in multiple directions.

He also claimed it мคde him รpσσкεd – and others have come forward with similar experiences.

The мคn also reported the one he saw got lights around it, in the middle of the day. Moreover, the object was flying against the wind that day so he doesn’t believe it was a balloon.

The object continued to fly for three minutes in a v-shaped arc over the city, claims by Johnson.

Johnson added the Federal Aviation Administration said they showed nothing in that erea during that т¡мe and he has never seen a drone like that. He couldn’t understand how it would stay in the air with that much flipping.

According to Johnson, the object continued to fly for three minutes in a v-shaped arc over the city, pausing over downtown where it was captured on video.

Justin Johnson รคყs he is certain it wasn’t a balloon.

He said personally he believes that with the size of the universe and the amount of evidence he has seen online and through other media that there is no way we are alone in the cosmos.

“I also wouldn’t doubt that they have been here or are currently here.”

The 30-years-old мคn รคყs there is no way we’re alone in the universe and his experience only мคde him more certain.

When he shared his video online, there are a slew of similar encounters.

Some were adamant it had to be a balloon, others were simply คмคzεd. Some don’t know if it is real or not but if it is, they think it’s crazy. Some even stated: “This isn’t fake. This looks like a real uƒσ.”

uƒσ sighting in Florida triggers wild theories including Trident missile test.

“This is consistent with an object I saw last week in Los Angeles,”

“My husband saw something like this late September.”. Another in New England commented.

Added a third person from Texas: “Filmed this exact thing twice now.”

Do Aliens exist?

The ‘UFO’ flies against the wind in mind-blowing new footage.

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