The same is the imperial tomb. Why is no one from the Ming dynasty st0len, but no one from the Qing dynasty is spared? – Icestech

The same is the imperial tomb. Why is no one from the Ming dynasty st0len, but no one from the Qing dynasty is spared?

People who love history often compare the Qing Dynasty with the Ming Dynasty, and compare the political, economic, cultural and military of the two dynasties.

One reason is that the two dynasties are close together, and the other reason is that the Qing Dynasty was founded by the Manchus.

The Ming Dynasty was founded by the Han nationality. In any case, these two dynasties were relatively strong dynasties in the history of China country.

The editor found that there is a huge difference between these two dynasties is the Qing Dynasty imperial tombs that have been stolen many times, such as Cixi’s Eastern Tomb of Qing Dynasty and Emperor Qianlong’s tomb, but none of the Ming imperial tombs were stolen. why?

Does it mean that there are no gold and silver treasures in the imperial tomb? Or did the Ming Dynasty imperial tombs have any means to prevent theft?

In fact, of course not, there is a reason why the Ming Dynasty’s tombs were not stolen.

The first point: the location of the imperial tombs

There are two imperial tombs in the Ming Dynasty, one is in the Ming Tombs in Beijing, and the other is The Ming Emperor’s Tomb is located near Nanjing, and no matter which one is in a crowded place, the tomb is robbed in this place. Tomb thief is to consider.

It is a capital crime to be caught and robbery in ancient times, let alone the emperor’s tomb.

There are three places in the Qing Dynasty imperial tombs, one is Guanwaizu tombs, and the other two are the Eastern and Western Qingling Mausoleums. These three are all in the wild, compared to the Ming Dynasty in the suburbs Tombs, tomb robbers must choose a safe place.

The second point: the attitude of the government

In the Ming Dynasty, the Ming Dynasty tombs were well protected, and there were special grave guards. After the Qing Dynasty, the emperors of the Qing Dynasty also wanted to win people’s hearts.

The Ming Emperor’s Tomb was well protected and even repaired during the Qianlong period. (In fact, it was to steal the golden nanmu from the imperial tomb). During the Qing Dynasty, the Ming Emperor’s Tomb was also well protected.

And the Qing Dynasty imperial tombs were not so lucky, because the Republic of China was the peak of the outbreak of tomb robbers, and the public opinion at that time was also against the Qing Dynasty. So the imperial tombs of the Qing Dynasty are definitely not immune, but the imperial tombs of the Ming Dynasty are well protected.

The third point: the imperial tomb self-protection measures

The structure of the underground palace of the Ming Dynasty imperial tomb is very complicated. At the time, archaeologists found the Changling tomb of Zhu Di in order to dig The entrance to the underground palace was not found for several months. Not to mention the tomb thief, even if the tomb thief can enter the Ming Emperor’s Tomb, the time spent can not be consumed.

The same is the imperial tomb. Why is no one from the Ming Dynasty stolen, but no one from the Qing Dynasty is spared?

Therefore, no one was stolen in the Ming Dynasty for hundreds of years, but no one was spared from the Qing Dynasty.

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